How Gurdit Singh Matharu Escaped From the Confines of a 9 to 5 Job

Gurdit Singh Matharu is a futuristic person who considers 9 to 5 job tedious, depriving, and soul-sucking. According to recent surveys, many millennials tend to abandon conventional job setups to find some progressive way out. He willingly joined the club of advanced people who do not work a 9-5 job and settle for mediocrity eventually.

Initially, Gurdit had no capital investment or any business idea, but what he had were some sparkling dreams. His dream to own a successful online business made him take the first step; he created his first Instagram page, @success.portal

. He put all his efforts into growing it, and eventually built a following of 3 million followers.

Gurdit understands the importance of social media and sees it as an opportunity to earn big bucks. He now owns multiple Instagram theme pages. As the founder of Instapreneur academy, Gurdit offers the best courses on how to make money online and build a profitable business on Instagram.

To set goals, one must have some inspiration in their mind, and Gurdit was fascinated by various influencers on Instagram as they were making money doing what they love. Thus, being a proactive person, Gurdit refused to spend his life as a destitute and focused on making money to support his family while fueling his cricket journey.

The difficult living conditions of his family affected him badly; Gurdit felt guilty for not being able to provide his family with a comfortable lifestyle. Nevertheless, he chose to remain steadfast and worked toward achieving his goals. Gurdit is against the social approach towards education. He believes that the one-fit-for-all approach to learning is flawed as it does not unearth the unique potential that every individual possesses.

The deficiencies in his life instigated Gurdit to work hard and achieve something for himself and his family. Additionally, his expertise in sports helped him build a game plan for his business that he executed, with finesse. Presently, Gurdit is a successful entrepreneur helping many build a foundation for business on instagram.


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