How Glennda Baker LeBlanc Rose From Being Broke To Leading The #7 Real Estate Team In Atlanta Georgia

If you are broke and want to be wealthy, there is good news for you! Not about “buying fewer lattes” and opening “more savings accounts” but about changing your mindset to think ‘real estate’ and build a productive life. It all begins with addressing “invisible scripts”- the unspoken truths that are deeply ingrained in our minds.  Glennda At A Glance Meet Glennda Baker LeBlanc, a top real estate agent running an all-female team. Glennda is the founder and CEO of Glennda Baker and Associates. She is also a broker to some of Atlanta’s most noted residents. However, many life challenges have characterized her journey to leading a successful business. When Glennda was a high-school student, she was relentlessly bullied. She was made fun of for the way she walked and talked. She missed a whopping 40 days of her senior year because of frustration, which endangered her graduation. She barely graduated from high school, and to date, Glennda still wonders whether her graduation was on merit or pity. 
When Glennda married, things weren’t much different. She found herself divorced from her second husband with two children to raise and only $44 in her bank account. Her first husband had sued her for custody and alimony. And, Glennda had been a heavy drinker – she spent almost all her life drinking and was only sober for four years.  How Glennda Found Herself In The Real Estate Industry After the divorce, Glennda decided to sign up for her broker’s class and started her own real estate company out of her home. She decided to make real estate not only her job, but also her life. Her clients became her friends, and, most importantly, they became her family. In 1995, Glennda became the first agent to sell a single-family residential property over $5,000,000.  Glennda built a team that specializes in the purchase and sale of homes all over the Atlanta area. They have specialized in home sales from Buckhead to Cumming, Peachtree City to Gainesville, Dallas to Augusta, and everywhere in between. Today, Glennda’s clients range from builders to first time buyers to primary home purchasers, investors, and luxury home buyers. She specializes in referrals from satisfied clients and lives her dream, selling real estate with passion. What excites her most is to know that her clients depend on her counsel and advice to make decisions about what is their most tremendous single asset.  Overcoming Challenges Glennda has learned that the biggest challenge most people encounter is themselves. This coveted icon in the real-estate industry has managed to overcome many challenges in her life. She has been able to raise her kids single-handedly, grow a successful business, and even stop her drinking habits. But what has caused Glennda to overcome these challenges and be successful in life?
  • Develop resilience
Resilience is defined as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. Glennda was born with significant resilience. She has been able to overcome all adversities in her life. 
  • Commitment
Glennda commits herself to her clients. She has made it her goal at Glennda Baker & Associates to get the client’s home sold for the most money in the least amount of time. 
  • Thinking outside the box
Glennda thinks outside the box and exposes her homes to the maximum amount of potential buyers. She has been able to employ both her innovative marketing style with her superior networking skills to increase traffic and expedite the sale of clients’ homes. 
  • Patience
To be successful, everyone needs patience. For more than 20 years, Glennda has persevered in her journey of success. It is only through perseverance that one can learn from the curveballs that get thrown in one’s journey for success. Glennda’s Achievements: Dream ComesTrue Glennda and her team have been ranked the #7 team in Atlanta, Georgia, across all companies. She has also been the highest in agent production in a group within Berkshire Hathaway in Georgia. Glennda is in the top 100 Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices globally. She is also in the top ½ of the top 1% of REALTORS globally. 
Heralded as “the ambassador of the American dream,” it is no doubt that Glennda makes many million dollars every year from her real estate business.  Real estate is a great business and a fantastic career choice. Sometimes it may be difficult, especially if the work ethics and training fail. Still, it can be a rewarding career if you follow Glennda’s footsteps by being hard-working, self-motivated, honest, and enjoy helping people and networking. Hook up today to Glennda for a real experience in the real estate industry. 
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