How Consistency and Servant Attitude Has Helped Matthew Rosa Succeed

There are many entrepreneurs who have graced the business world and succeeded in their endeavors. What do you know about Matthew Rosa? What has he achieved that many can only fantasize about? Indeed, there is a lot to know about Matt Rosa as he is widely known besides his career journey.

Rosa today ranks as Chairman 500, together with his business partner with Jason Brown in the (MLM) multi-level marketing world. A position many aspiring network marketers yearn for each day. Despite, Rosa being one of the top 10 earners in the network marketing industry, his journey and achievements in entrepreneurship are a fairytale.

Humble Background of Matt Rosa

For Matthew Rosa even succeeding academically was a dream. In fact, for his entire fraternity, if you managed to go past high school, you are the lucky one. For the Rosa family, joining a college would be one of the unimaginable achievements in life. Entrepreneurship definitely came last in any of Rosa’s family member’s subconscious minds.

Matt Rosa didn’t have even a role model present growing up and life was definitely not easy. However, his responsibilities to cater to his younger brother and sister pushed him to the brink and he left high school in 11th grade. He had to look for ways to make money and cater to his loved ones. 

Matt started working in various workplaces from Chipotle to Massage Envy. He moved from one company to another looking for a better life and working destination. This experience was his guiding force and he wasn’t ready to call quits. 

The resurgence of Matthew Rosa 

Matthew Rosa understood that life is full of trials and tribulations, and nothing should stop him from achieving his goals. He pursued his entrepreneurship journey by looking for new ways to earn an income and attract new opportunities. As luck would have it, the first opening happened to be in network marketing and iMarketsLive came knocking.

Many people may think that making money on the iMarketsLive platform is easy, especially if they come across the story of Matt Rosa and Jason Brown. Also known as International Markets Live, this is a multi-level marketing company that bases its operations on Forex Trading. 

You can join this platform as an Independent Business Owner or via customer programs. Matt Rosa and Jason Brown did not join the platform immediately; they spend time learning how to trade in the foreign exchange markets. In fact, they didn’t build a network immediately but spend time learning how to make money without any form of affiliate marketing networks.

After spending two months learning what IML is all about, they fell in love with the platform and took leadership roles. This move earned them the Chairman 8 level, where they were making a 6-figure income annually. Reaching such a level was a relief, as they felt they could excel in their new business and were also financially stable.

Helping Customers Grow

Matthew Rosa has always been motivated and happy to see the customers they have been introducing to the program also learning and growing. As IML transitioned, Matt Rosa and Brown grew their number of customers and amassed more than 30,000 customers worldwide. 

Within a short period of time, they have gone on to partner with many other business entities excelling in the network marketing world. Mr. Rosa has impacted the way iMarketsLive platforms works and today they have become top earners and their clientele base is incomparable. Rosa and Brown have traveled to many nations training people and giving them hope. 

They have also become caring mentors and role models to thousands of people aspiring to join the multi-level marketing world. Matthew Rosa advises aspiring network marketers to be consistent and believe in the power of people.