How Can a Compatible Companion Impact Your Travel Plans? Lorraine Laby Has Some Answers

Lorraine Laby, aged 73, is a lifetime traveler and the founder of Senior Travel Buddies, a company that assists seniors in locating travel companions. While she did travel across Europe on her own at a young age, at her current age, she recognizes the importance of having a compatible travel companion.

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Lorraine’s insatiable desire to discover new places and immerse herself in different cultures has kept her youthful and in touch with her true self. She continues to seek out novel ways of traveling, such as cruising on river barges in France. With Senior Travel Buddies, you, too, can find a like-minded travel companion who shares your travel style, pace, budget, and schedule, creating unforgettable travel memories together.

Safety is a priority, and connecting with like-minded travelers helps you feel safer in your traveling adventures. Having a buddy who chooses the same level of activity you’re comfortable with makes travel more doable, especially when one is in places far away from home. Such comfort, combined with compatibility, makes the entire traveling experience worthwhile and inspires other senior members of the community to participate in similar excursions. That is precisely what Senior Travel Buddies is providing to its clients.

Moreover, a travel companion who belongs to the same age group and shares interests regarding travel destinations, desired activities, and potential adventures can significantly impact the overall quality of the time spent together. Shared habits such as sleeping schedules, levels of expected activities, and related details help one feel comfortable and contribute to the connection between the companions.

To further explore the scope of Senior Travel Buddies, Lorraine’s venture stays open to innovations that make the senior traveling experience easier and more accessible. Along with proposing and planning the trip together, a travel buddy can help one make preparations, like destination research, more fun.

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