How Allura’s Music Single ‘Bad Bitch Energy’ Is an Inspiration to Women around the World

Only a handful of female R&B singers confident enough in their skins are keen on spreading a positive message about self-worth. The music industry is like any other industry: stereotypical and still chock full of male chauvinism. However, the Dallas music sensation Allura is just the right mix of positivity and strength. She’s all sugar and spice and everything nice.

With charting singles like ‘Happy birthday to my EX’ and ‘Windows down,’ it’s hard to believe that her creative journey didn’t start a long while back. Her voice is perfectly balanced, and her vocals are a stunning amalgamation of softness and strength. Allura’s new single, ‘Bad Bitch Energy

,’ is an ode to herself. She believes in the power of realizing your own self-respect and working towards finding harmony within yourself.

‘Bad Bitch Energy’ is precisely what the name suggests. Being a woman in a male-dominated hierarchy is already a difficult situation to be in. If you forget to give credit to yourself for being entirely and unapologetically who you are, there are enough negative people around who won’t hesitate to take you down. Allura, through the song, advocates that you stay true to yourself.

In a world riddled with fear of vulnerabilities and where finding a single genuine connection is nearly impossible, Allura wants everyone to focus on themselves as their own best ally. Each soul is precious, and each body that makes its home in it is different. There is beauty in that very diversity.

We all have gone through relationships that left damage within us. Instead of believing in someone’s twisted image of what you are, Allura is about living a life where you can unapologetically be everything you are. Regardless of what society tries to pressure you into becoming, you are just perfect the way you are.

No one has the right to pull you down and drag you under. Allura is spreading this inspirational message to support all women, regardless of their situations. Her song ‘Bad Bitch Energy’ is about spending your time and energy on ventures that ignite a fire in your soul.

You can find success only if you fiercely pledge allegiance to yourself. Allura believes that you can only be successful if you have confidence in your abilities and are willing to strive for excellence. All else will go to waste if you don’t follow your heart and create meaning out of the madness of life.