How Alex Brought Innovation in Betting? Going Global with BillioTipster!

As attractive and beneficial betting sounds at a glance, it is equally as tricky to get a hand on. Nine of ten times, you will be looking for someone who can guide you through a bet or help you decide whether to bet on something or not. Alex (also known as) Billio is a young and enthusiastic betting expert, millionaire-maker, philanthropist, mentor, and betting guru on whom you can rely with your money. Alex has a single motto, which is to impart betting knowledge and skills to a common man so that he or she can become self-sufficient in this joyful activity and make some bucks out of it as well in spare time. It is the continuation of this dream that he has helped more than 25000 individuals over the past few years with their betting dilemmas. 

It all started when young Alex used to bet to hustle for the weekly expenses of his student life. Days went pretty well doing so, and by then, he decided that he can be that person who can help people with making decisions about their bets and money.


His expertise is in sports betting, especially tennis. Alex keeps himself well aware of all the changing rules and regulations of the game. Unlike the other gurus, who never tell their fans and followers about the tips and tricks that go into making a bet, Alex is all about imparting that knowledge in real-time to his Billio fam. Taking a step in this direction, he has launched a dedicated website where people from all around the world can interact with each other, share their betting experiences, guide each other. Moreover, Alex himself would also be available there to the fam to ask him about anything about the betting world. 

The sports and betting sector has also had its fair share of dark times from Corona, like all the other sectors. Alex, in these circumstances, seems quite optimistic about the tennis season of 2021. He has his eyes set on The Australian Open Tennis Tournament 2021 from now, as it is going to be big this time. All his fans and followers are highly confident in Alex, as they know that despite all the break owing to COVID, his bets can never go wrong. 

Alex launched his first betting platform back in 2017 in England that grew exponentially. It focused on catering to the needs of his French-speaking followers. However, now Alex has come forward with more of a global approach, with emphasis on America and Europe. The best thing about Alex is that he even allows his fam to exactly replicate his bet to maximize their profits. Still, Alex prefers that his fans and followers learn those tips and tricks as well to help them in the long run. It is the reason that he also uploads lecture series, conversation sessions, and talks on his new website

The website makes the new and old betters aware of the ins and outs of the industry. To be a part of the Billio fam, all you need to do is subscribe to this new website, participate in the discussion, and make yourself at home there. You will be getting the news about all the latest trends and topics in the betting industry. The website has so far crossed the level of 25,000 followers, that too in just three months. 

The industry remembers Alex as a 9/9 Guru owing to the time he won all the nine bets he made at once, straight. It sounds like a doozy, but it is one hell of a tale as one fine morning Alex decided to leave London. Hence, he decided to bet on a few tennis and sports matches, nine bets to be exact. Later, when the results came out, he had won all of them.


Alex encourages his fans and followers to learn the working mechanism of bets and have an in-depth knowledge of the sport in which they are going to bet. He says to first analyze the performance of a player you are going to bet on, the match-conditions, the opponent, the past performance of your player, and numerous other factors, then put your money in it. Lastly, he advises his followers to never come in with the money they are dependent on to meet the day to day expenses like clothing, food, bills, and whatnot. After all, it’s just a game, and you need to take it not so seriously!