Here’s Why Working With Hither Mann and Fortune Academy Will Take Your Finances to the Next Level

When many of us think about health and wellness, we rarely put money in the equation. Instead, we think about exercise, nutrient-rich foods, regular checkups, and getting enough sleep. Our mindset reflects on what our relationship with money is. You might want monetary comfort, but you might not be acting in ways that bring you closer to your objectives. While being money conscious is always a good idea, the stress that accompanies it is not healthy. Now is an excellent time to reassess who is helping you make your financial decisions. Fortune Academy, by Hither Mann, is the world’s first-lifetime wealth education provider. Once you’ve completed a course or training it doesn’t stop there, you will have access and opportunities to return to upcoming events in the future and be involved with new seminars offered to other students. This is where the real value lies since you are always being refreshed with up-to-date information and learnings.  

Ditching the Traditional Route to Financial Wellness

How many times have you contemplated leaving your depressing job for something better? Almost all of us have been there. Where life is so dreary that you’d give anything to get a break. Hither Mann’s life is the perfect depiction of this scenario. Hither is a professionally trained medical practitioner; she worked as an Optician before quitting to follow her dreams. “I was seriously depressed about the lifestyle I had before freeing myself,” she says. “It was the lack of creativity in the industry I was in, and how it rendered me unable to live on my terms that made me feel trapped,” Hither recounts. She ventured into Property and Financial Trading from 2004 and 2008 respectively and always learned from powerful mentors in the industry. Hither discovered the actual value of freedom, both financially and emotionally. For the first time in her life, she had created herself an income without the need for a traditional job. That’s what led her to want to inspire others to also do the same, she stepped into the wealth education industry in 2014  and eventually created Fortune Academy in 2016  “At Fortune Academy, my clients quickly find out that for the first time in their lives, they can wake up one morning and decide not to work, and still feel financially safe—if, of course, they put in the needed effort,” she says. Hither’s dream was to end the vicious cycle of trading time for money, which everyone she knew, including herself, was trapped in. Today, Hither is not only proving that you don’t need the traditional system, but she is also pioneering a move to use investment in financial trading as the solution to a lack of financial education. 


Hither is an international speaker on the wealth education market and has spoken to over 50,000 people in her live event audiences, not counting the huge influx of online events she also hosts to spread the message of financial education.

Mending Your Worsening Relationship With Money 

As far as people say they want to be rich, Hither knows one thing for sure—the desire to be financially stable always precedes the desire to get rich. “My clients tell me they want to be rich,” she says. “There is, of course, that underlying desire, but none of them understand they have to correct their relationship with money, which is usually bad at the point when I meet them,” Hither asserts. Just as a relationship with yourself, friends, family, and your money requires time and effort, so does a relationship with your finances. It is possible to attain financial health in a way that you have a conscious, purposeful, and satisfying relationship with money.

Developing the Right #MindsetForMoney

There’s a big difference between dreaming of becoming rich and being committed to having financial independence. Understanding this difference is critical to accumulating wealth and preparing yourself for your future. To understand this, you need first to establish a healthy “Money Mindset”. At Fortune Academy, Hither teaches her clients how to change their mindset about money. She created the #mindsetbeforemoney slogan to make her clients understand that to take their finances to the next level, they have to change their mindset about money. This change, in return, “creates an internal environment that is conducive for wealth creation.” Everyone who works with Hither knows that this is the first obstacle they need to overcome to achieve lasting financial freedom. 


Money is easy to earn if you do a few things right, and it will forever elude you if you ignore these basic principles. To have income, you must have the right mindset. And once you have that, you can take the next steps to make your money effortlessly grow for you and your ideal future . . .

If you want to learn more about how to create lifelong financial freedom, join Hither on Fortune Academy and take your finances to the next level.