Here’s Why a Big Wick Candle will be your Best Purchase of 2020

In this long headache of a year, a little bit of humor will go a long way. So you may be wondering how a candle will end up being your best purchase of 2020. Big Wick Candle Co. is a bold, fun, and energetic company that injects humor into a rather boring industry according to the company’s Founder Kelly Reddington. Here’s why a Big Wick candle should be on your gift list this year. 

Inspiration Behind Big Wick 

It’s amazing the kind of ideas that can be born when working in a collective effort to bounce ideas off of each other within a group setting, a perfect example of this would be how Big Wick came to be. The founder of Big Wick

Kelly Reddington had been brainstorming different business ideas all of which he would jot into a notebook and come back to. During a Christmas get together Kelly and his cousin Danielle, and even sister threw a few ideas together and the natural flowing state of creativity blossomed into Big Wick Candle Co

Why Everyone Loves Big Wick 

The candle business has always been a rather black and white business that normally the only variables often changed were price points and scents. So when Kelly gave Big Wick a chance everybody loved these candles! Message after message from happy and humored customers that thoroughly enjoyed gifting or receiving these funny named candles. By adding his own twist to this industry Kelly and Big Wick have been able to carve their own niche within the community and provide light-hearted humor to their products. A few of their best selling candles offer insight on why everybody is trying to get a hand on one of these hilarious candles with names such as “American Pie, Deez Nuts, or Missionary”. 

Big Wicks Growth 

Although the company has been doing pretty well and the founder has previously experienced success within the candle industry, a big part of Big Wick’s success is from social media. For example, the company has incorporated Giveaways, Memes, and influencer endorsements. By giving away free Big Wick Candles to meme page audiences they have grown their following, enhanced their reach, and built a brand geared towards a young and fun audience. Incorporating the memes around their company has given valuable metrics that let them know people enjoy being entertained so they continue to provide funny content and names for their candle company. 


Over the next couple of years, Big Wick aims to continue growing the company towards offering more giveaways, selling on Amazon, and even adding new scents for Fall/Winter seasons. This company has really shown that it is geared towards giving the customer the best experience for buying candles that we have ever seen. So whether you’re picking up a new candle for grandma or any family member that enjoys humor be sure to make it a Big Wick Candle. 


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