Here’s How Shraddha Shrivastava Transitioned from a Small Town Girl into a Well-Known Creator and Businesswoman

Change is incredibly difficult to undergo, but it’s the only thing that is constant in this world. However, having knowledge of this does not make the process any easier. When it comes to breaking generational barriers, the struggles and transitions could be strong enough to throw one off balance. But the greatness that follows the stumble is always greater than one could imagine. This is the story of Shraddha Shrivastava, a small-town girl from India who has broken barriers and struggled enough in order to make her expectations and dreams a tangible reality. 

Shraddha grew up in an area that had an extremely restrictive outlook on how one should lead their life. She describes for her family “wearing jeans, traveling alone, and sharing pictures online” was a big deal. Even something as common as watching movies was only allowed on a restricted basis for her.

Faced with various social and gender-related stigmas, she didn’t let these restrictions hinder her progress towards achieving her goals. By the time Shraddha started her professional life, she was already living to the fullest and traveling solo to different cities. And she owes all this success to her consistency and perseverance. 

Academically, Shraddha had always been a top scorer and a passionate learner. After graduating, she tried her luck in the recruitment industry of the corporate world and switched to sales after her job in HR left her unsatisfied. She made one last switch to digital marketing, and during her MBA studies, she came across LinkedIn and it brought her countless opportunities to grow. 

Without having any money to take digital marketing courses, Shraddha had to learn the ropes and necessary skills all by herself. All her self-taught knowledge came in handy and she became so proficient that she started her own digital marketing business, Digital Height, after excelling in a few freelance projects. Now, she stands amongst the top content creators from India and has become an epitome of self-belief and hard work.

Shraddha’s ultimate goal was to break the stereotypes associated with women in South Asia, and she achieved it with great pride and determination. From not having enough for a course study to earning handsome amounts in different currencies, Shraddha has shot every barrier down in flames. Instead of feeling challenged by transitions that take away what’s comforting and familiar, she welcomed the change and turned it into a significant accomplishment. 

Shraddha doesn’t shy away from sharing her work and life stories on her LinkedIn profile. You can also visit her Instagram account to learn more about digital marketing and the services she provides.