Here’s an Insight into Dipika Gupta’s New Non-toxic Beauty Line

If you are shopping for sustainable or eco-friendly beauty products, the increasing number of companies committed to selling those products might just confuse you. While it can be challenging to decide between brands, it’s always good to do some thorough market research before making a purchase. Dipika Gupta is a renowned Canadian fashion designer who recently launched her own non-toxic skincare line for vegan beauty enthusiasts worldwide.

Making a name for yourself in a foreign country is already tricky, no matter what sphere you want to work in. It occurs due to differences in cultural values ​​and traditions as they do not always harmonize well with each other. However, Dipika overcame these challenges early on in her life. She comes from a vegetarian background with roots in North India. Her South Asian heritage has played a significant role in defining her personality and fashion brand KAVI KAVI

. Her mother was also a fashion designer who incorporated traditional Indian style into modern Western clothing styles, creating a fusion of cultures. Dipika has taken these values ​​and started her own fashion brand around the same ideology.

The main benefit you will immediately notice when deciding whether vegan products treat your skin better is that plant-based products have a higher nutrient density,” says Dipika. They are more likely to provide your skin with the nutrients and vitamins it needs because the ingredients come directly from the plant itself. Because of this, you can see an improvement in your skin and how it responds faster to vegan products than to non-vegan products.

Moreover, Dipika believes that by using plant-based products, you can also avoid all of the harmful chemicals and ingredients typically present in the non-vegan skincare range, which can reduce the risk of an allergic reaction to these products. These ingredients might also be better if you are prone to skin problems. She suggests investing in a vegetarian skincare regime because it is, after all, cruelty-free and eco-friendly.

Using vegan products can benefit more than just your skin. Dipika suggests that vegan ingredients are better for our planet as they require less acreage to grow. That is why KAVI KAVI guarantees the same values ​​and ideas; a sustainable beauty brand must ensure that skincare is not done at the expense of harming animals – both when testing the products and during manufacture.

Many people choose veganism as part of a broader quest for a more natural way of life, preferring whole foods and natural fibers to processed foods and synthetic foods. Dipika was born into a vegetarian family, so her vegan roots are vital to her. She plans to take her vegan brand to the next level by introducing it to the global market. KAVI KAVI offers a wide range of vegan makeup and vegan skincare products. These include feather-soft makeup brushes, divine eyeshadow palettes, luscious lip colors, and much more.