Help your business grow with call tracking tools

Finding new ways to help your business grow can be tricky, but the best solution lies within one of the most effective marketing analytics tools available today – call tracking software.

In this article, you’ll learn what this software is, how it works, and why implementing call tracking for businesses is the right step towards growth.

What is call tracking?

Call tracking is an intelligent analytics software that allows you to have full capability over tracking, analysing, and managing your customer calls. The detailed data you receive on each call will offer expert insight into customer interactions with your business.

With these customer calls, you can gain beneficial data such as:

  • Caller phone numbers
  • The ring duration
  • Caller area codes
  • The abandonment rate

On top of this, you can also receive a variety of useful metrics to give you a thorough look into your

marketing performance, and reveal many things about how customers are engaging with your business.

If you want a deeper look into your customer engagement, you can take advantage of the many metrics, including:

  • Calls generated from different marketing sources – Call tracking can assign dynamic phone numbers, so you have flexible tracking of every customer who calls. This can pinpoint every online marketing source they visited before, during, and after they called. For example, this could reveal which of your customers followed a link on one of your emails, and then made a call.
  • The activities delivering inbound enquiries – When you receive any inbound enquiries, you can trace the activities visited by each customer, to see which marketing areas are most successful at funnelling them to this point.
  • Google Business Profile leads – By using static numbers for your Google Business Profile, you can see the number of phone call leads that your profile generated.
  • The sources that lead to website visits – With the use of Urchin Traffic Monitor (UTM) tags, you can receive more granular data regarding your website visits, and the sources each customer visited to get there.
  • Performance of keywords in calls – You can choose a set of important keywords which you deem relevant to your business, and the software will identify if these words are mentioned in any call conversations.

How can call tracking help your business grow?

Call tracking can contribute towards your business growth in a range of different ways. This can include:

More leads and sales generated from your PPC ads

With call tracking software, you can create optimal pay-per-click (PPC) ads which deliver increased leads and sales for your business.

Using the software’s analytics, you can trace the number of calls which are being generated from each of your PPC ads. This can be a call that happened immediately after, or one that happened as a result of a PPC ad in the customer journey.

This way, you’ll know which PPC ads are most successful at generating engagement, and you can then refine your approach based on the findings.

This will allow you to generate more leads and sales, and have a better cost-efficiency with your PPC ads, according to how much revenue is generated from the customers as a result.

Optimised marketing budget

You can also use call tracking to optimise your marketing budget. You can create customer journey maps which outline the activities visited by each customer who interacts with your business.

This will give you full visibility on which areas of your marketing are generating increased leads and sales, and which ones are underperforming.

For instance, you might see a high increase in the number of leads and sales generated from forms in customer emails, or live chats on your website.

As a result, you can invest more of your budget in these profitable areas of your marketing, and remove your budget from any activities or campaigns which are failing to deliver.

This will leave you with a greater return on investment on your marketing budget.

Call tracking is undeniably a great solution for growing your business, so find your expert software provider now!

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