Hello August Rush Providing People with a New Supplement Alternative

The health and wellness industry has experienced a boom in the past decade as more and more people start to value their overall well-being. Riding that wave and looking to provide people with a layer of protection during a worldwide pandemic, entrepreneur Arthur Butler has launched Hello August Rush, a premier line of vitamin supplements, CBD products, and super powder mix.

The initial inspiration for this new venture is the growing threat that coronavirus poses to the world. As the world suffers the detrimental health and economic effects of the pandemic, Hello August Rush hopes to play its role in keeping people healthy and safe. This solution is one people welcome, most notably those seeking natural remedies with proven results. 


One of Hello August Rush’s bestsellers has to be the August Rush Neuro Plus, a powerful complex that supports clarity, memory, and focus. The supplement has many benefits, such as stress reduction capabilities, memory, and cognitive health boosters, mental balance, energy boosters, and performance enhancement. Hello August Rush also carries an innovative approach to CBD products, introducing the natural supplement in the form of gummies that have exceptional flavor, leaving people wanting more of the CBD packed gummies.

Other Hello August Rush products include an August Rush variant of turmeric with ginger supplement, vitamin B-12 drops, vitamin C+ elderberries, magnesium supplement, beets, greens, red, and collagen, to name a few. 

Hello August Rush comes at a timely juncture as supplements have been one of the most in-demand products since COVID-19 blew up globally. Today, people look to other means to boost their immune system and help them cope with the worldwide crisis, economic downtrends, and mental stresses on the human body. Hello August Rush hopes to be a means by which people cope with those adverse effects today.

The comp any’s founder, Arthur, maintains how his lifestyle is a testament to Hello August Rush’s benefits. As an active entrepreneur with many businesses to operate, he regularly turns to his product to keep up with the taxing demands of entrepreneurship. Arthur is an innovator and visionary who wears many hats. In six years, he has launched multiple businesses that have grown to become massive successes in the marketplace.


Hello August Rush stands as living proof of Arthur’s entrepreneurial skill and capacity. Moreover, it reveals his real heart as a business start-up expert to create solutions to people’s greatest needs and find ways to make those solutions available to them. With a pure desire to be a positive influence on others, Arthur hopes that Hello August Rush, just like all his other ventures, will help people and create an impact on their lives. 

Arthur was born in Indianapolis but raised in Nashville. As an entrepreneur, he is unafraid and more than willing to take risks. In all he does, he gives his very best and goes the extra mile for a customer or client. Any patron of Hello August Rush will know the culture of integrity, passion, transparency, and compassion the company holds. All this reflects the company’s owner and founder, which stands as a foundation for his unprecedented success in business and life.

Company Name: Hello August Rush


Phone: 347.494.0634


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