Health Coach Rui da Silva Shares Preventative Steps You Must Take to Ensure a Healthier Workforce

Many recent studies have confirmed that healthy employees can be a lot more productive than their less healthy counterparts. This finding has made it more necessary than ever to create a healthier workforce and compelled businesses to make conscious efforts to establish healthy work environments. Leading health coach and owner of Balanced Rebel Health, Rui da Silva, uses his experience to help busy individuals reclaim their lives.

An advocate of healthy workplaces, he educates companies through corporate programs to transform workplace culture and create a happier, healthier, and more productive team. He shares a few steps to establish a more balanced workforce.

Motivation among employees:


Motivation in the work environment will be identical to its representative’s longing or demeanor to deliver extraordinary work. Rui shares that you can motivate your employees by assisting them in each of their endeavors for the association, clients, and the community.

Despite what business you are in, there are little assignments that might appear to be immaterial in every case. As a chief, you realize that those little undertakings are critical to your organization’s efficiency and outcome. Rui further shares that motivation kicks in when you see results; that’s when your real journey starts.

Set small measurable goals:

Setting clear, measurable objectives gives a genuine lift in inspiration at work. Each time we complete one of the objectives, there’s an expanded ability to accomplish more. Rui shares how you can break your goals into smaller ones until you reach small actionable steps, simple to implement that the chance of failure will be none.

He believes small and quantifiable goals are frequently easier to finish than one big objective. Instead of zeroing in on a huge goal, take each thing in turn and break it into thoughts you can process, bit by bit.

Make workplaces sustainable:

A sustainable workplace makes a long business day not so unpleasant but rather more appealing to the laborers. Rui says that a sound working environment produces more joyful and roused workers, which in the end, sustain high performance in the workforce.

He shares that real change needs to be sustainable, so if you want to change the game, you need to play it differently. A sustainable workforce is one where the workplace is mindful and upholds worker prosperity. Representatives are not viewed as essential assets that can be sent (and drained) to serve managers’ financial finishes. Their abilities and energies are not abused or excessively exhausted.

Rui da Silva believes that motivation doesn’t come from inspiration. You won’t get motivated just because you got inspired; those things rarely happen. And when they happen, it’s short-term, not in a sustainable way. According to him, if you find it hard to complete long-term goals, then break them into feasible objectives. You can also learn more tips on preventative steps to ensure a healthier workforce from Rui da Silva by following him on Instagram; i.koach


You can also read about Rui da Silva through his website: Balanced Rebel

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