Greenleaf Book Group Signs Book Deal With Jerry Becerra

As the popular saying goes – “you can’t have pleasure without pain.” Now replace pleasure with success and you have the recipe for California businessman Jerry Becerra’s upcoming and heavily anticipated book.

In 2019, Becerra experienced the loss of his father. This swept him into a deep and all consuming grief. His upcoming book details how he took 30 grueling days to grieve and soon after began a process which would grow his business exponentially across multiple states – in a matter of just 90 days. Becerra recalls 2019 as a bittersweet year, as he both struggled with the loss of his father and proceeded to fulfill his entrepreneurial dreams.


Becerra has since started two successful enterprises, both of which aim to elevate the lives of his consumers and employees – not only on a community level, but on a national scale.

These ventures include, which supports homeowners in quickly receiving the best prices on their homes, despite the circumstances. As well as, which surveys residential solar systems and implements action plans to prevent the homeowner from owing power companies for energy.

“The goal of my companies is to take people that are in an unfortunate situation and offer opportunities that will make it better. I am proud of where they are today, and I know I wouldn’t be experiencing these accomplishments had I not faced the tragedy that I did.”

With the publication of his new book, Becerra hopes to reach an audience that can learn deeply from his experience with grief. His book is devoted to the discussion of how to shift one’s pain into triumph. Readers will walk away inspired to implement Becerra’s approach in order to find their own true pain and convert it to success.

Equipped with unparalleled strength, tangible achievements, and a genuine lust for life – it is safe to say that Jerry Becerra is living proof that both pleasure and success can indeed come from pain. Becerra’s book deal with Greenleaf Book Group is set to release in the second quarter of 2023.


The book is inspired by Becerra’s son Matthew and of course is in fond remembrance of his father, Robert.

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