From Zero to $100,000,000 in Sales: Todd Dickerson on ClickFunnels

In 2019, Clickfunnels, the award-winning SAAS company, generated over one hundred million dollars in revenue. Clickfunnels. How did Clickfunnels reach this benchmark in just 3 years?  By solving a major problem in the marketplace. Todd Dickerson is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Clickfunnels, along with his partner Russell Brunson.  

The face of Clickfunnels is Russell, one of the world’s best copywriters and marketers. His ability to command your attention on the page and in video has given Clickfunnels the upper hand against its competitors for years. Russell is the marketing engine behind it all. Todd Dickerson compliments Russell by bringing his software and product development expertise to the team. His ability to adapt and build something quickly forges a strong pillar for success inside the Clickfunnels organization. 

Like Russell, Todd is first and foremost a marketer. He understands the wants and desires of his target audience–entrepreneurs and business owners. This instinctive insight made it easy for Todd to build software for a marketer, an unheard of combination at the time. These qualities and skillsets gave Todd exactly what he needed to build Clickfunnels. He solved a festering problem in the marketplace, which was a quick and easy solution to allow entrepreneurs to deliver their products, services, and messages to their customers by using simple, easy to build sales funnels without having to do any of the tech, design, or coding.  

What started as a modest goal of serving just a few thousand paying subscribers turned into an organization generating over one hundred million a year in revenue. Todd recalls Russell convincing him to move to Idaho if they ever hit 10,000 paying subscribers. Clickfunnels now has over 110,000 paying subscribers! Todd has yet to move to Idaho. The goal is now 1,000,000 paying subscribers…and to change the world.