From the World’s Most Stunning Coastlines to Beautiful Cityscapes and Dreamy Starry Night Skies- Discover the World Alongside Mikaela Janalyn

Whether traveling for a living or just for leisure, doing it in style does not come naturally to all of us. When it comes to fashion bloggers, though, they always seem to master living a majorly chic travel style, and this is something that comes to Mikaela Janalyn naturally. Her fabulous trips open up loads of colors and beauty in different parts of the world. 

While Mikaela Janalyn was once confined to Los Angeles, CA, where she was born and raised, this free-spirited soul did not stop there. She went out to explore the world, started a travel blog about her travel life, and

began documenting her adventures. Since then has established a full-time career as a traveler, YouTuber, curve model, travel agent, entrepreneur, solo travel enthusiast, and body positivity enthusiast! 

On a mission to avoid the arduous 9-5 life, Mikaela Janalyn dropped out of college during her second year to establish herself as a creative brand and pursue modeling and entrepreneurship full time. She ventured into the world of travel to start creating solo travel vlogs; each blog of her shows a different visual expression of her travels, personal style, and love for fashion. 

Mikaela Janalyn started vlogging on a whim as a model and solo traveler on YouTube. But now, her vlogs and social media cover her daily inspirations, passions, and plenty of wordplays to accompany her unique sense of style and travel adventures. She creates video diaries of her experiences like tanning at a beach in Dubai, or posing in front of beautiful scenery in Mexico, shoots style spreads, and shares fashion tips; she shows it all.  

As Mikaela Janalyn’s blog implies, she takes more of a luxe approach to everything, which means she carefully curates all the content she shares with her followers.

As a lifestyle blogger, a model, and a traveler who has traveled to 7 different countries, she’s had the opportunity to work with big brands, such as savage Fenty, Waydamin, and shop-love Vera.  

Mikaela inspires us every day to live life to the fullest. Check her Instagram feed out, which is a never-ending scroll of beaches, sunshine, and yoga poses paired with insightful quotes or poetic captions. We promise that you won’t get bored.

Further proof that this travel blogger has style in spades can be seen when she uncovers the world’s magnificence on her youtube channel.