From Passion to Profession, Here’s How Sacred Thomas Is Living His Dream of Traveling and Filming

There’s a famous saying that goes “do what you love/love what you do”. But for centuries, creativity and productivity have been at odds; people who wanted to pursue creative fields found it hard to make a living. However, things have been changing over the past century, with people being able to choose a profession for themselves that fuels their passion and creativity. A similar story of venturing into one’s passion economy is that of Sacred Thomas, who is thriving after choosing his passion as a profession.

A travel videographer and social media star, Sacred Thomas is the founder of Sacred Shot Media, a company that specializes in documentary-style storytelling while filming weddings, fitness videos, food conferences, documentaries, live concerts, commercials, and whatnot. The videographer’s portfolio is a dazzling one, but it’s the back story, a tale of passion and consistency, that will engross you all the more.

Hailing from Miami, Florida, Sacred Thomas was born to model Kassandra Thomas and famed actor Philip Michael Thomas from MiamiVice, the 80’s TV series that stands as one of Hollywood’s masterpieces till today. Although the celebrity child could have easily followed in his father’s footsteps and pursued an acting career with his charismatic appearance, Thomas’ passions led him towards a different route.

And since his parents supported him in discovering his passions, he was never forced to pursue traditional education and always had the liberty to chase after his dreams. “I was never told that I had to go to college or get a good job to be successful,” Thomas told Voyage Austin in an interview. “Instead, I was raised to find out what I am passionate about and then follow that all the way.”

Being born into a family with strong ties in the entertainment industry, Thomas’ siblings had professions ranging from actors to singers and even dancers. So, he would occasionally shoot videos for them as well as for his friends, eventually resulting in developing a love for creating visuals and videography. This love eventually grew in size and after running a successful party bus business for seven years while in college, Thomas started his video production company, Sacred Shot Media.

An avid traveler, Thomas’ journey started when he questioned himself while running his first transportation business. Five years in, he could tell that he had to do something different, but was unaware of what it was. So he started asking himself, “If time or money were no object, what would I spend my time doing?” And the answer ended up being, “I would travel and film.” So, there was no coming back from then onwards.

Thomas took some videography lessons from YouTube and went on to become a maestro in the art of videography. Till now, his company has landed several big-shot projects to film TEDx events and documentaries among other types of videos. Moreover, the videopreneur has built up a sizable following on social media and also creates short-form content on Instagram and TikTok.

The exceptional videographer is living the life of his dreams while filming and traveling. Visit the Sacred Shot Media website and get a glimpse into some of the moments Sacred Thomas has captured expertly through his camera.