From Increasing Revenue to Increasing Partnerships: Ivana Bonaccorsi is a Powerhouse Leader Within her Industry

From a humble background in Brazil, Ivana Bonaccorsi has become an influential, inspirational, and powerful leader and expert within the international education circles. Having worked in higher education as a Marketing Specialist for International Relations and Partner Development Representative at the University of California San Diego Extension International Programs, Bonaccorsi has everything it takes to lay serious acclaims not just in increasing revenue but also in growing valuable partnerships through innovative international education programs and ideas. 


This brief article takes an insightful look at the immense role that Ivana Bonaccorsi has played in international education. In addition to helping to create more than 100 new partnerships with international study abroad agencies, Bonaccorsi has nurtured valued long-term relationships with overseas student referral sources in various countries, including Italy, Portugal, South Korea, Brazil, and many more. As a highly-experienced and respected international education expert, Ivana Bonaccorsi has in-depth knowledge that can help other leaders in international education as well as international students looking to have life-changing study and experience abroad. 


A Powerhouse Leader in International Education


Ivana Bonaccorsi believes that leaders should be inspiring, motivating, and serve their people. Bonaccorsi has always strived to inspire, motivate, and help those around her. Whether they’re her colleagues, students, partners, or customers, Bonaccorsi has always done her best to inspire and share the knowledge that she’s amassed during her professional career with others. As a born leader, Bonaccorsi’s long-term goal is to have a leading position in the international education field and to make a positive impact in the world through her innovative and futuristic ideas and decisions. 


To show her leadership qualities, Ivana Bonaccorsi has helped increase the number of students from Brazil studying abroad by 25%. This increase is a typical example of how Bonaccorsi is assisting others to better themselves. By helping others, she has shown an indication that Bonaccorsi is a leader who wants to elevate others. For this reason, she’s become a respected professional and expert in international education and has done a lot to help others become valuable members of their societies. 


Bonaccorsi is Helping Increase Revenue in International Education


Thanks to her business skills and professional background in marketing, Ivana Bonaccorsi has all it takes to make international education a profitable industry. With a perfect combination of her business experience and passion for international education, Bonaccorsi has accomplished a lot in increasing revenue in various aspects of international education. This work to only solidify her desire to become a leader in international education as she will have a positive financial impact in the global education sector. 


In terms of generating revenue, Ivana Bonaccorsi helped make an income of more than $500,000 by being an integral part of short-term, part-time programs for international students. She also submitted more than 200 applications to UC San Diego Extension International programs that helped generate over $1 million in less than a decade! Bonaccorsi has shown that she can help make serious revenue not just in international education but also in other businesses.  


Bonaccorsi Has Built Worldwide Partnerships in International Education


To be a fully respected leader in international education, it’s important to create networks with peers within the industry. Building an extensive network is precisely what Bonaccorsi has done. She has created networks and partnerships with various people in international education. And it’s not just in her native Brazil or South America but all over the world. From Brazil, Chile, to Italy, Portugal, and South Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Kazakhstan, Bonaccorsi has nurtured relationships that are quite important in international education.


Bonaccorsi has been invited as a guest speaker at several study conferences in Brazil, the United States, Portugal, and other parts of the world. She’s also nurtured long-term professional relationships with students and other international education stakeholders across the globe. Through these relationships and networks, Bonaccorsi has been able to inspire others, share ideas, learn more, and revolutionize the international education sector. 




Ivana Bonaccorsi is, without a doubt, a highly-experienced and respected player in the international education circuit. For more than a decade, Bonaccorsi has shown that she has what it takes to become a leader in the international education sector. From increasing revenue to having networks across several countries, she has what it takes to become a leader in the industry. She is a leader who will always provide accurate information, attend relevant events in the international education industry, and help others achieve their potential in international education.