From Hysterectomy to CEO – A Story of Samantha Cepeda of Resilience, Creativity, and Empowerment

Perseverance, creativity, and empowerment are three vital qualities that can help anyone overcome challenges and achieve success. These traits are essential for entrepreneurs, who often face obstacles and setbacks while on their path to building a successful business. One such entrepreneur who embodies these qualities is Samantha Cepeda, better known as The Nurse Sam.

Samantha is an extraordinary woman who overcame incredible odds to become a successful entrepreneur. She faced a major health crisis at age 26, and while most would have given up hope, Samantha did not back down. Instead, she searched deep within and found an outlet for her creativity, ultimately pivoting her career and starting a thriving business.


Her story is one of resilience, which is why she refused to give up on her goals in the face of adversity. Instead, she embraced life’s challenges and found a way to turn a problematic situation into an opportunity for growth. Her story is a reminder and an inspiration that setbacks don’t define us – if we are optimistic, they can propel us forward to even greater success.

Furthermore, Samantha’s story is also one of creativity. As a young girl, she always had a knack for the arts, and as she grew older, she discovered a way to use her love for arts to make learning more fun and engaging for nursing students. Her business,, combines entertaining pop culture references with proven learning methods to help nursing students better understand and remember complex concepts.

Above all, Samantha’s story is one of empowerment. She used her experience to create a business that helps others succeed. Through The Nurse Sam, she has amassed a following of 200K+ nurses and nursing students across multiple social media platforms, and she has become an advocate for LPN nurses. She aims to create educational nursing material for universities, training hospitals, and other facilities using her ‘retain to entertain’ study methodology. And to improve nursing school experiences to help encourage the pursuit of nursing (both RN and LPN).

What’s more, it is her journey that inspires all of us. She shows that anything is possible with resilience, creativity, and empowerment. We can all learn from her example and strive to overcome our challenges with the same grace, determination, and spirit that has made “The Nurse Sam” such immense success.


If you’re a nursing student looking to learn in a fun and creative way, head over to Nurse Sam and check out the digital study guides and resources. Follow Samantha on her social media platforms to stay up to date on her latest content.

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