From Compton to Corporate: How Ferraro’s On the Hill Became LA’s Go-To Italian Caterer

A young Armenian entrepreneur, Mikia Aivaze, delivers authentic Italian cuisine in the heart of Compton, Los Angeles. From assisting in a floundering family-owned restaurant as a 12-year-old, to steering it into a flourishing hub of corporate catering by 24, Mikia’s journey with Ferraro’s On the Hill is nothing short of inspiring.

In 2012, Mikia’s family took over an existing, struggling restaurant. With dedication and relentless effort, by 2015, Ferraro’s On the Hill emerged revamped and rejuvenated. As Mikia puts it, “When we first acquired the restaurant, it was struggling. I started reaching out to companies, offering them our catering services.” Fast forward to the present, and an impressive 80% of their revenue stems from corporate catering services.

This has not only set them apart from competitors but has also won the trust and appreciation of high-profile clients like the Los Angeles Clippers, Lakers, Rams, and even corporate giants like Uber and Amazon.

Beyond Ferraro’s tempting pastas and pies lies its secret ingredient: the team. “Think of our crew as a family. They’ve been with us for ages,” Mikia Shared. It’s not just about dishing out great food at Ferraro’s; it’s about serving it with heart. In the corporate catering game of Compton, where trust and consistency are key, Ferraro’s unique blend of authentic dishes and dedicated team might just be the standout flavor local businesses have been craving.

Given Ferraro’s exceptional track record, it might surprise some to learn that they classify as a small business. Their recent strategy to make gift cards available at local Sam’s Clubs further testifies to their ambition to broaden their reach.

The future for Ferraro’s looks bright and expansive, especially under Mikia’s leadership. While he has taken the brand to impressive heights, catering to Fortune 500 companies and renowned sports teams, his aspirations soar higher. “I want to grow our catering business further. I envision Ferraro’s catering at even more high-profile events and establishments,” he says.

For Mikia, success isn’t just about revenue. It’s about maintaining credibility, ensuring consistent quality, and building lasting partnerships  with corporate clientele. 

For businesses in Los Angeles County aiming for top-notch corporate catering, Ferraro’s On the Hill delivers authentic Italian finesse. Connect with them on Instagram and Facebook to make your next event a standout with Ferraro’s or Visit the website here.