From Climbing Snow-Covered Rooftops To Leading The #1 RE/MAX Team In Canada: The Success Story Behind Justin Havre

Digital marketing has provided businesses with powerful and more cost-effective marketing opportunities that continually deliver results. Digital marketing has proven itself indispensable to today’s marketers, and it’ sits moving the marketing industry in a direction filled with innovative technologies, social media connectivity, and endless possibilities. Digital marketing has also given marketers the equipment and tools needed to innovate and succeed within ever-evolving industries. However, before 5G, AI and all things digital, Justin Havre used to climb snow-covered rooftops installing TV and high-speed internet satellites. Installing satellite dishes always made him feel weak at the knees. So he decided to try something safer than climbing snow-covered roofs- he got his real estate license.

Today, he is the CEO and president of Justin Havre & Associates of RE/MAX First, leading Canada’ Canada’s #1 Real Estate Team within the RE/MAX system while based in the country’s most challenging market. He leads a team of 40+ rockstar agents, driving nearly 2 billion dollars in sales. However, the journey has not been easy. His success has been driven by unwavering passion and teamwork, striving through innovation, integrity, and ethical values required to achieve his mission. Havre has managed to deliver excellence in every aspect of his Real Estate Team and exceeding their commitments to the many clients they serve. He is also an award-winning real estate agent who is well known throughout the real estate industry. He has also given lectures at international real estate conferences and works closely with his group to ensure every last person is performing to their best potential.


Why You Need To Connect With Justin Havre Today

He just happened. Coming from Norway. He pitched camp in Canada. A humble young man with a dream. By then, he couldn’t utter a full sentence in English. He groomed himself as an entrepreneur and built one of the world’s largest and most successful real estate teams..

He developed to build teams- most successful real estate teams in Canada and one of the top ten in the world list. Besides, he broke the norm and stereotypes of “paying for leads” and adjusted his processes to building websites that do not need the pay-per-click and lead purchase. He now leads the industry in sites that are developed for long-term web authority to make business assets while also generating opportunities and revenues. He is the sole owner of websites, creating multiple seven figures in sales commission each year.

From Buffer “Poster Boy” To Reluctant Team Leader

Before he launched his team, Havre was the unofficial ”poster boy” at his brokerage. Therefore, when the time came for him to get his agents, he knew exactly where to look. He had been in a brokerage where he had 700 agents, and in 2009 he became the number one agent in the brokerage. He began a team. He could no longer operate as an individual agent collecting referrals from a set group of people.

Finding himself between the proverbial rock and a hard place, Havre leveraged his reputation to recruit a rockstar team. However, with an insane deadline and zero leadership experience, it wasn’t going to be easy. Today, Havre looks back and smiles. His business has evolved a bit since those early d ays. The team invests so much in online lead generation at the Calgary market. They have more than 16 different lead sources.


Every Journey Starts With A Step

Every journey of a thousand miles starts with a step. Therefore, if you want to build wealth continually or you want to invest, then choose the real estate investment with the real estate expert. Real estate is the best investment because it provides tax advantages, potential cash flow, leverage by borrowing from the bank, and a way to build sweat equity if you fix it up.

Therefore, fan your dream and ignite your inner fire. Work hard and surround yourself with better people. Success is not something you merely pursue or follow, but it is something you attract by the person you become. Success is a vehicle to create memorable experiences for yourselves, and with the ones you love. You are a champion, and you can do it too so get started today.