From Broken Dreams To Success: Here’s Amine Bentahar’s Story

Amine Bentahar was born and raised in Morocco, with a bubbling passion for Soccer. His plan of building a long and successful career in Soccer was shattered when he got into a motorcycle accident and had to stop playing due to his injuries. This crushed Amine, who had not considered another career path before this; however, he dug deep within himself and discovered an interest in marketing. After finishing college in the US, Amine accepted an offer to work as a Marketing Coordinator at the Grand Hyatt in Doha. After that, he joined Microsoft, where he built his skill set in terms of Digital Marketing. Eventually, Amine joined AVX Digital, and made his way up to the position of Chief Digital and Operating Officer!

If there is one name on almost every single person’s tongue these days, regardless of their societal differences, it’s TikTok. This Chinese video-sharing company was founded in 2012 in Beijing and has recently taken the world by a storm. TikTok is a short-form mobile app that allows users to upload their own videos in a raw, unedited form. What’s most important for such apps to run and make money is the adverts that are run on them. One of the firms that play a major role in advertisements that are run on TikTok is AVX Digital. AVX Digital is a privately-owned boutique digital marketing consulting and implementation agency. According to Inc. 5000, AVX is one of the fastest-growing digital agencies in the last five years.  

 At AVX Digital, Amine’s position as Chief Digital and Operating officer requires him to wear different hats. His duties include being in charge of operations and ensuring that the best quality of services is being provided to clients; he is also responsible for the growth of the company and oversees sales and growth.

When asked about his Entrepreneurship journey, Amine spoke about how he started picking and selling fruits from his grandfather’s farm. He realized early on that he had a knack for risk-taking and hustling. From a very young age, Amine was obsessed with the idea of creating new opportunities, and since then, every job that he worked at a position where he had to build a product or a team. Bentahar describes himself as a go-getter and is always fond of finding ways to build things. He believes that all his experiences have taught him to be agile and to take risks. He credits these experiences as the main reasons behind his success today.

Ever since he has started his professional career, Amine has had a series of ups and downs. He played a huge role in scaling AVX Digital with the help of his talented team from his office admin to his CEO. During this journey, they were met with countless setbacks, including going against large corporations. However, Bentahar admits that he has learned a lot from his failure as well – he admits that the biggest lesson he learned came from trying to scale too fast and failing to do so. He is a big believer in the fact that failures teach us the biggest lessons.

According to Amine, success doesn’t come easy. You have to be focused and goal-driven. As someone who had an unexpected shift in their career due to unforeseen circumstances, Amine has learned not to look at forecasts and projections as numbers – but as goals that he needs to achieve. He has dedicated himself to learning from peers and mentors and surrounding himself with people who are smarter than him. This has allowed him to listen to his clients, be more open to team challenges, and be more proactive when it comes to working with his team on solutions. He believes that he’s not the kind of a leader who is afraid to ask questions, and this has helped him throughout his career. Amine has continually invested in his knowledge by attending and speaking at conferences. He believes that these practices allow him to keep challenging himself and learning the ins and outs of trends.