From Being Fired To Becoming A Coveted CEO: The Success Story Behind Jayson B. Cubao-The Founder Of JCube Interactive Media

We all dread it. Getting fired and losing your job is a nightmare, especially if it is all that you depend on. Getting sacked always seems like a catastrophic event until it dawns on you. It causes panic down your nerves as everything in your life gets affected, from your finances to your personal life. The fear is usually the certainty of when the next opportunity will come. However, the truth is that ‘the sun will still rise tomorrow morning’, and so why panic about getting fired?

Jayson Cubao was in the same shoes. After working as an errand boy in an office, he later became a call center agent who saw him rise to become a call center leader. It was at this point that the ‘worst’ happened. He lost his job!  Jayson moved to work as a virtual assistant working his way through the online world by learning different skills such as web design, web development, video editing, social media and others from Youtube and Google. At first, things did not work as he failed in his first business in online web development. 

Who is Jayson Cubao?

Jayson Cubao is a virtual assistant extraordinaire, business owner, coach and a digital marketer. He is the founder and president of an internationally known virtual outsourcing company JCube Interactive Media which assists business owners and entrepreneurs in scaling their business through digital marketing and social media, increasing their proficiency. He runs a company of web developers, web/graphic designers, video editors, and virtual assistants. 

Jayson, who is also a father of 2 boys, has a dedicated team. His team has worked and managed hundreds of clients who are 6-7 figure earners and who are top influencers in their respective companies. Jayson Cubao has developed a system where they know and grow their clients’ business and help them earn more in their services and products. 

How Jayson Founded JCube Interactive Media

Having worked with the UK team and generated lots of success, Jayson had gained a lot of knowledge. He always did a lot of research on google and Youtube and sharpened his skills while also trying newer skills. Jayson developed a passion and founded his first company which was a project-based design and development. By this time Jayson had already catered for 40 clients and as he thought he was doing well, another heartbreak! He closed his business. He moved to try a second option. 

While working as a virtual assistant, Jayson persisted and persevered, learning his failures and what he needed to grow his business. Jayson Knew that it was necessary to create more value for his clients; he decided to develop JCube Interactive Media. His company specializes in web development services, video editing, web/graphic design, podcast editing and transcription, admin assistant, lead generation, customer service support and data entry services. Jayson has trained his team of experts to work with business owners, entrepreneurs and coaches to work on their tasks that they are unable to handle. 


JCube Interactive media has helped very many businesses and personal brands increase their online presence and brand awareness. Business owners and entrepreneurs can now enjoy the company’s services with ease from Jayson’s exemplary customer service. The company has helped one of the clients achieve a Guinness world book of record for the most number of interviews on a podcast.

Jayson has also trained about 30 people to virtual assistants helping them attain their clients. About 20 of Jayson’s clients have reached 6-7 figures in their business who have become experts in their fields. Jayson has also helped clients who have become international brands because of their best selling and in-demand products. His team has also grown from 3 to 20 people and is still growing to cater to the new clients. 

Lessons To Learn From Jayson Cubao

  • For every successful business, there must be proper team management. Jayson manages his team to provide exemplary customer service. 
  • Know your clients in business- Jayson takes a good time to know his clients and their business to add insight and help them scale their businesses and needs. 
  • Master the cloning technique- Jayson uses this technique with his clients business by knowing what they would do or what path their business will go to. He also respectfully sweet-talks his clients. 
  • Giving attention to detail and keen observation- This has helped Jayson to develop an excellent business relationship with his clients. 

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