From a Local Business to a Global Eyewear Retailer – The Amazing Success Story of SOJOS

In 2011, they provided their manufacturing services to American and European local companies for OEM/ODM as B2B business mode. They did a good job yet remained behind the curtain. As a supplier, they worked with highly successful brands. While working as a B2B venture, SOJOS got plenty of knowledge and first-hand experience in manufacturing techniques and the cost of production.

The experience proved to be of worth. In 2015, SOJOS decided to come all out and build their brand on Amazon as SOJOS Vision under the slogan of “see the extraordinary.” That was the start of everything to go next.

SOJOS gradually stretched itself on Amazon and soon attracted many customers. Sells were high, and the business was going in the right direction. Initially, they were selling sunglasses. All sunglasses were designed and produced by their factory. There were some down days as well; however, with persistence and perseverance, nothing is impossible.

The brand attracted worldwide customers, particularly women. The attraction was sparked by two things; aesthetic designs and low price rates.

SOJOS sunglasses were available in round, cat eyes, polygon, oversized, aviator, square, and rectangle shapes on Amazon and in different colors. Apart from that, SOJOS offered sunglasses made in stainless steel, acetate, and other materials, making its frame quite sturdy from what other brands were offering.

Also, for such unique sunglasses, the price was relatively low. SOJOS offered an attractive pair of women sunglasses on Amazon, with added UV-protection lenses, at only $5 to $10. This approach allowed SOJOS to stand out among other competitors on the world stage and race ahead of many American, European, and Chinese companies.

Today, SOJOS Amazon store has an excellent rating of 4.88 with more than four thousand customers, an ever-growing number. The store has been a great addition to the fast-fashion world. It offers women, men, and kids sunglasses on Amazon and has secured many ‘Amazon’s Choice’ badges for its products.

SOJOS has achieved many milestones so far. Among others, being enlisted as Amazon Global Stores Top 100 Chinese Export Cross-border Brand issued by Amazon in 2019 and Amazon Global Layout Seller in 2020 stands out.

The catalyst behind the massive success of SOJOS is its team which comprises men and women. These people are experts in their profession and perfect readers; readers who read the market down to every point and know from the heart the liking and dislikings of their customers.

Not only this, they take the feedback from customers seriously and try to make amendments to their products as suggested. SOJOS is currently the top seller for women’s sunglasses on Amazon. Though they are not popular among men or kids, they are looking forward to expanding business to potential customers.