“Freedom Comes with Sacrifices,” Says Freedom Educator and Influencer Charles Thompson

Freedom to live a life by choice is hard to achieve but not impossible. Charles Thompson is making it possible for people to achieve freedom with his help. He has introduced a virtual community space for people to learn and grow under his mentorship. Freedom Academy helps its members to earn freedom by crushing limited beliefs, learning the art of persuasion, and completing a personal passion challenge.

Charles is a sales leadership mentor at Powur, PBC, a solar energy contracting company. He manages 5,000 agents under his mentorship. Charles has always been interested in solar energy and worked hard for 10 years to build his own business on solar to reduce carbon pollution. At Powur, PBC, he gathered a team to create a platform to promote change in the energy industry to potential customers.

Charles lives life by his own choices because he worked hard to earn that freedom. Unlike normal people who only stick to one job all their life, Charles wanted freedom from all these conventions. He took on many leadership roles for large fortune companies on a local and regional level. He was part of many companies as a mentor to leaders and to build revenue models for sales increase. As the COO of The Studio Spaces, a Los Angeles-based start-up, he worked hard to raise funds and create authentic strategies to grow into a $20M asset company. Charles also co-founded a home security solution provider company that is now one of the biggest companies in California; he developed it for 6 years and sold it to another company.

While working for various companies, Charles improved through a commitment to personal development. He saw every success and failure as part of the experience to learn and grow. As an inspirational figure, he is set to educate others about inner freedom, location freedom, time freedom and financial freedom. Charles opened an Instagram account to post engaging content and initiate self-awareness among his followers to pursue their passion. He wants to bring revolution by educating people about freedom.

Earning freedom is not easy; it requires a lot of strength and motivation to pursue it. Charles wants people to know that freedom is achievable if they work hard towards it. Under his mentorship, he is helping individuals to plan and invest in the right places to gain financial and inner freedom. Freedom comes with sacrifice. If you are ready to sacrifice your time to pursue your goals, then you will be rewarded with freedom. For Charles, freedom is not doing anything but being free to choose what you want to do in life.

Just like Charles, striving entrepreneurs and individuals can also gain freedom. He holds virtual sessions on Freedom Academy to engage his viewers in a detailed discussion on the pathway to freedom. Charles is positive that through Freedom Academy, people can learn to achieve their goals and acquire freedom in life.