Follow Meghan Laurie as She Takes Us on a Mesmerizing Journey across the World

Traveling is not a luxury but a necessity, according to Meghan Laurie. Her enthusiasm to discover hidden wonders and reach the farthest corners of the world has us following her through all her journeys. Be it an oceanside view or a scenic walk through a blooming garden, Meghan has us appreciating all the marvels nature has to offer.

Every picture she shares with the world tells a story; it gets us thinking about how worthwhile life can be in the presence of all that constitutes this earth. It takes us to a place where we all belong – the natural world.


Meghan started her voyage as a lifestyle influencer six years ago, and since then, she has been climbing her way up to becoming one of the most celebrated travel bloggers. Her unmatched dedication to her work as a traveler continues to help explorers and adventures worldwide. Not only does Meghan share her stories with her followers but also guides them through their journeys.

If you’re someone who has been stuck behind the desk and needs a push to plan their next trip, this lifestyle influencer has got you covered. Through her positive attitude towards life and inimitable wanderlust, Meghan has been motivating people to get out of their comfort zones and discover all that the world has to offer. She has been coaching and giving out tips on how to travel, where to travel, and when to travel all year round.

While Meghan’s life may seem like an absolute daydream, she is no stranger to hardships. When the pandemic hit, Meghan had to put aside all of her travel plans, and for someone whose happiness is so closely linked to traveling the world, this drastic change was not a pleasant adjustment. Nevertheless, she knew that giving up was not an option. She made her way through these hardships with her head held high and striving to use this time to roadmap how she would like her future to be.


Meghan understands that life is much like a rollercoaster; the ups and downs are a part of the package, and it’s how you deal with this instability that matters. She continues to spread the message of positivity through her posts and her journey around the world. All while not forgetting to take us along every step of the way.