Find Your Inner Light with Holistic Life Coach, Francesca D’Amico

Spirituality is an awareness, a pearl of wisdom, that enables one to see beyond the obvious without prejudice. Being spiritual doesn’t necessarily mean being religious but rather having an open mind to the various possibilities around us – and this is precisely what holistic life coach and hypnotherapist, Francesca D’Amico, stands for. 

For D’Amico, spirituality is personal and fascinating. It’s something that can’t be imposed but rather welcomed by each person in their way. It serves as a passageway between the material world, tainted by the dogmas of the religious communities in which we live, and the spiritual realm, which is free from such constraints.

Having worked in the health and wellness industry for over three years, D’amico is passionate about helping others find their brilliance and master their destinies. She also hosts the well-known podcast, Wellness, and Wonders, where she discusses wellness and the wonders of life, within and outside of ourselves, followed the big impact they can both have on our lives.

Talking about spirituality, D’Amico believes that it is something she always had within her but discovered only with time, experience, and maturity. When she did, it was as if a new chapter in her life had begun. ”I discovered the spirituality within me in the December of 2019. I was reborn as soon as the epidemic broke out because I felt what was important to me,”  shares D’Amico. According to her, she discovered it through love, and it could be different for every one of us. ‘

D’Amico is a staunch advocate of complete spiritual freedom and wants to encourage everyone to take charge of their own lives. She believes in the magic of spiritual awakening, which makes one discover their inner powers and values. These are the most sacred and greatest gifts we can receive. All you have to do is look within yourself to find it. “You can discover spirituality if you start listening to your inner voice and connect with the source of creation,” says D’Amico. You can check out her complete podcast, Showcasing Spirituality with Sherine Lovegrove, here.

Besides being a holistic life coach, D’Amico advocates healthy eating and is an expert in food hypnosis. Through a blend of spiritual and medical teachings, she offers a novel perspective on how to achieve and maintain health and wellness. Because of her deep spiritual connection, she is able to guide her lost followers to their own inner light and inspire them to make significant changes in their lives. 

So if you are looking for the right path and trying to get in touch with your inner self, Francesca D’Amico is here. Visit her on Instagram and YouTube and dive into some inspiring and life-changing lessons.