Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger Flavia Millen Turns Her Passion Into Profession

“Do what you love and the money will follow”

Oprah Winfrey’s words have been enchanting freedom enthusiasts since she first uttered them. No one loves to go through the usual grind that comes with 9 to 5 jobs. Being stuck in unexcited, unwanted routine tires you not just physically but mentally too. The impact shows in inefficiency and performance quality. What works in this situation is following your heart. If you can turn your passion into a profession like Flavia Millen, every day can be Sunday, party day!

Completing her Communication and Marketing degrees, Flavia Millen did not imagine herself to be a fashion and lifestyle curator. She started off as an art advisor, showcasing art galleries’ openings, exhibitions, and art displays. As soon as her Instagram account went public and was spotted online, compliments and queries about her captivating appearance flooded the comments section and inbox. She was young, beautiful, energetic, stylish, and authoritative. These defining qualities instantly caught the attention of some of the most famous international brands. 


Born into a well-to-do family and surrounded by artistic grandparents, Flavia was wired to be in the world of art and fashion from the very beginning, having gone to the country’s most prestigious schools and universities with a vibrant fashion culture. The rich social experience that entailed from her high-end education and her parents’ status exposed her to the most awe-inspiring luxuries pertaining to fashion, lifestyle, art, and traveling. Flavia loved being who she was – an open-minded fashionista going out and about without restrictions. Being a fashion and lifestyle curator promised harmony with all that she loved. 

Flavia’s physical features and elegantly chic choice of dressing are huge attractions for fashion brands. Her artistic inclinations are displayed in everything she does! An aspect of intrinsic beauty is afforded to everything she touches, making her appearance so irresistible. 

It is our common perception that pursuing our passion will mean money flowing in effortlessly. It’s imaginary heaven where happiness pervades and there is no toil.  Reality is quite the opposite, though. Discipline and determination are must-haves, regardless of your profession, and Flavia knows it. She may be following her heart, but she is doing her work diligently and that seals the deal for her.

Luxury fashion brands are leaning into curation to enrich customers’ experiences. Influential Instagram personalities like Flavia are helping them reach out to their customers and broaden their customer base. With her immense fame and exquisite taste in art and fashion, Flavia brings worth and quality to fashion brands. Her artistic instinct contextualizes fashion and beauty for a massive breadth of customers, resulting in good business for luxury brands.


Flavia is an Instagram sensation with lofty aims and dreams. Her highly impressionable appearance and strong personality compliment her role as a fashion influencer. She seeks to empower women through fashion, beauty, and artistic experience.