Executive Coaching with John Lohrenz: Tapping Into Your Untapped Potential

Mind sciences have come a long way in the last decade, creating waves in many industries. From healthcare to business, several holistic methods are being used to help people reach their maximum potential and make positive life changes. One such technique is neuro-change, which professional life coach John Lohrenz has embraced to assist others in realizing their full potential.

John is the founder of JKL Wealth Management, a seasoned Wall Street professional, an accomplished author, and a trained Neuro Change Practitioner. Combining his 30 years of expertise in the financial and corporate worlds with the power of neuro coaching, he is helping people from all walks of life reach a level of success they never thought was possible.


The Neuro Change Method is an effective tool for bringing about long-term change. It helps people retrain their brains to think and act in ways that will lead to tremendous success by utilizing the brain’s natural capabilities to form new, empowering habits. With the help of ideas like neuroplasticity and growth mindset, Neuro Change coaching reportedly enhances emotional, mental, and physical health.

John can attest to the strength of this extraordinary fusion of mind sciences and his vast life experience. As a coach, he helps his clients develop the mental tools they need to achieve peak performance in all areas of their life – from personal relationships to professional success. He also works with business professionals, athletes, and celebrities who want to advance in their careers and lives. His executive coaching focuses on self-transformation, development, and peak performance using various tools to maximize mental capacity and automate behaviors that encourage “flow” and “purpose” for exceptional performance.

In addition to his coaching, he is the author of, ‘The Prosperity Project: Building Abundance and a Map for a Life Well Lived.’ This best-selling, comprehensive self-help guide was the impetus for beginning his one-on-one neuro coaching sessions.


Whether it’s rewiring the brain to break bad habits or tapping into untapped potential, John’s Neurochange Coaching is revolutionizing how people achieve success and tap into their full potential by addressing every issue. With John’s help, his clients are able to improve not only their own lives but also the lives of those around them.

Visit his website or follow him on Instagram – a life-altering experience awaits you.