Erik Allen on Discovering Hope and Purpose

Every being on this planet was made for a specific purpose. God has plans for every soul and body, but many are not aware. They spend their entire lifetime completely aloof from their purpose. For some, it’s a complete journey from leading a meaningless life to finding glory and true purpose.  Discovering your hope and purpose in life is a true achievement and surpasses all sorts of attainment. When you understand what God is calling you to do and how leading a life of humility can help you achieve all your goals, this is when you find your true calling. 

Erik Allen is one such man of divine luck who discovered hope and purpose in life after leading a rough life. Currently working on his business Erik Allen Media, he has successful podcasts, is a motivational speaker and voice artist. He also provides podcasting coaching to newbies. His work related achievements are endless but what really defines him as a person is the paradigm spiritual shift he underwent in life to discover true meaning.

Suffering from a rough childhood that introduced him to the world of drugs, he admits to having an unstable past which is nothing compared to the firm life he has built for himself today. He has no one to blame for the sufferings he endured in the past because he has discovered hope and purpose in life by connecting to Christ. He aspires to lead a life full of purpose, well doings and achievements. Faith has helped him escape the traumas of the past and helped him see the true meaning of life. Today, he not just runs his business of helping up and coming MMA fighters & entrepreneurs get known and noticed online he also runs his podcast Top Rated MMA and The Erik Allen Show. He strongly believes that your past and other people’s opinions of you don’t define your future. They must only shape you to be a better person. He understands the role and importance of family in shaping the life of an individual which is why he works tirelessly to make sure his family is safe and secure. 

Raised by a troubled family as a child, today he works hard to make sure his children do not experience the pain and suffering he did. Infact, providing them a safe and healthy environment has become his ultimate goal in life.