Eric Feng gives his take on “your network is your net worth”

Global speaker and advocate of social media marketing, Eric Feng, talks about his perception about networking and the influence of the environment on success

Eric Feng is one of the popular speakers that have taken the world by storm, using his presence on social media to impact the lives of different categories of individuals and entrepreneurs worldwide. Eric has always demonstrated his willingness to help others achieve their goal and recently took a stand on the popular saying “your network is your net worth.”

In his advice to smart, driven college students about to enter the “real world,” Eric Feng placed a lot of emphasis on selecting the kind of friends they move with. “Don’t get so caught up doing your job that you forget to build relationships with key people in your company and your industry. Work-life is just like college life – it is still a popularity game where people buy people first,” said Eric Feng.

Feng advised college students to connect with their colleagues, their bosses, and even their bosses’ bosses. He also advised that they step up for cross-department projects, volunteer to emcee or organize social events and ensure to be visible and likeable as this helps to speed up their career progression.

Eric Feng gave a practical and real-life experience that relates to the importance of the circle one belongs to. According to him, one belief that has influenced his life in the last 5 years is that “Environment Trumps Willpower.”

In early 2019, Eric decided to widen his reach and consequently started to connect with several speakers from the US, Los Angeles to be precise. This led to a series of conversations, including video calls. One thing led to another and Eric was invited to participate in an event organized by one of his friends in the network. Eric became an instant and probably the only option available, featuring as being the only Asian speaker to speak at the social media conference.

In his advice, Eric tasked students to write down their desired goals in the next year, regardless of how small or huge they are. Then they should start finding people who have already achieved what they aspire to achieve, follow them on social media, and reach out to them. Better still, Eric advises that students start hanging out with their “models” in this case and would most likely end up like them in a year.