Entrepreneur, Creative Coach and Content Creator Julia Hogarth Is on a Mission to Help Women Bring Bold and Beautiful Changes to Their Lives

Change, in any form, is inevitable, but how we perceive that change is up to us. More often than not, these changes are seen in a negative light as they tend to disturb the equilibrium that one is used to. Having a solid support network can often be transformative in these moments. Community builder and content creator, Julia Hogarth, helps creative small business owners realize the productive potential of change and loves activating women in business to see this as an opportunity to evoke positive effects on their overall being.


As a life coach, Julia has always been interested in the bigger picture; what people vision for their life and what they want for themselves as well as their businesses. She believes that we are always learning more about ourselves with each passing day. To help creators spark new ideas and work on their passions, Julia founded Sonder Studio. . A community of creators who come together to work on their dreams, celebrate one another, and are in the process of building something for themselves.

To navigate life’s ups and downs, Julia helps women gain a better understanding of themselves through meditation and creative well-being practices. Julia believes in the power of community. Women tend to shoulder all the responsibilities and feel guilty if they take even a second of their time to focus on themselves. Julia encourages them to move away from the self-limiting philosophy that is more commonly believed by people and lean into the support of the community around them. A group of supportive individuals is sometimes all that is needed to assist women in finding the courage to be daring and bold – to step out of their comfort zone and take a leap of faith. Knowing that there are people who will motivate and support you is sometimes all it takes.


The aspiring entrepreneur wants women to have the courage to make bold and beautiful changes in their lives, and do so with grace and complete faith in themselves and their abilities. She encourages them not to be afraid of stepping out of their comfort zone. There is an entire world just waiting to be changed, and Julia believes that everyone has the ability to leave their mark, no matter where they come from.