Emerging Music Artist Marina Betancourt on How She Expresses Her Feelings through Music

Music has forever been one of the most incredible ways for individuals to communicate their thoughts. Once in a while words simply aren’t enough, and music with words has an approach to bringing out feelings from where it counts, as well as giving us many advantages of having the option to distinguish sentiments in a therapeutic manner. There are so many singers who make us feel calm and composed with their soothing melody, one of them is Marina Betancourt.

Marina Betancourt is an aspiring musician with great potential, her goal is to sign a record deal with a music company that acknowledges her potential. Marina has been pursuing music since she was 4, at that age she first learned how to play the piano. And it’s not just piano, at the age of 14 Marina taught herself how to play the guitar. It is her love for music that keeps her going.

Marina Betancourt first sang in her middle school, she has also been coached professionally. Marina believes that sometimes what we are unable to say through our words, our music will do that for us. She firmly believes in her potential and it’s her goal to sign a record deal with a music label. Marina wants to share her music with the whole world, and tell the world how she feels.

Music is a therapy and a way of expressing your feelings without having the fear that someone might judge you. Just like every aspiring musician Marina Betancourt also takes advantage of online audiences. She is loved by so many people who listen to her on Soundcloud, you can also listen to her singing some beautiful melodies on her page; Munek4

Marina Betancourt believes that music is one of the best ways to express your feelings, if not the best. Singers put their hearts out in front of the audience with their lyrics and vocals, and there is no doubt that listening to good music can uplift our mood. Marina uploads her vintage covers and some originals that she wrote over time. Her music is her way of communicating with the rest of the world, it gives her motivation to move forward and not waste her beautiful voice.

Marina Betancourt thinks that the best gift of music lies in its ability to permit individuals to experience feelings without the weight of experiencing the life altering situations that lead to them. We can encounter even outrageous feelings in a controlled way, freely, in agreeable conditions. Marina believes that there is no pleasure like relieving your own song.