Embark On the Journey of Self-Realization and Brain-Rewiring with the Professional Coach Katia Palmiotto

In order to reach the ultimate Self, which is everlasting and unchangeable, self-realization entails letting up many of the things that are linked with individual identity. It’s the difference between identifying with one’s ego and one’s genuine Self.

Self-realization liberates a person from his or her own desires and worldly ties. External pressures, such as cultural and social expectations, as well as political and economic factors, are also removed from their lives. They are free of self-deception and devotion to worldly possessions.

But how to attain this level? This can be done simply by rewiring our brains to our full potential. We are used to similar routines and things since childhood hence our brains are now used to that pattern of living. Katia Palmiotto is the ultimate figure to help you go through this transition from a better to the best version of yourself. She trains her clients to think as an individual rather than following a set of beliefs entailed to them by others.


Katia Palmiotto, a ICF Certified Professional Mindset Coach & Business Mentor with a following of over 35k plus on social networks reveals all her secrets to her clients. According to her, she is on a mission to help people, specifically women, to escape their usual and basic routine and to embark on the journey of individuality and success. She believes firmly in her clients hence giving them all the motivation required to shine bright on every platform.  

Katia Palmiotto is a living example of how to rise from the basic life to a life of adventure and unpredictability. She explains that she gave her two-week notice while she was still in coaching school. She laid a firm foundation for her business during her day job. With this, she continuously worked on her mindset to release herself from the usual practices of her life and to open herself to the new doors life was opening to her.

Being true to her goals and dreams, Katia got two clients immediately after leaving her job, which surprised her to a great extent as she was not expecting to succeed too soon. But when the goal in mind is clear, the conviction is strong towards a goal, then nothing can stop you from reaching that goal. This is what Katia Palmiotto practices and preaches. She teaches her clients to believe in their dreams and goals. She teaches her clients to take a risk of a lifetime to eventually achieve the dreams of their life.