Effective Communication Focuses on Relationship Building

Communication is the key to building a democratic society, team, nation, family, and community.

Communication is not a singular style nor is a singular concept. It is dependent on how we are communicating the information based on how our audience can assimilate it in a globalised and glocalised environment. 

Mila DeChant – Speaker and Founder of Human Innovation Creations

When we walk with someone, we are walking along side with them – not in front of them and not behind them. We are walking together along side with each other and that is how communication must be practised.

Mila DeChant

Communication is also about understanding cultural differences, language of human behaviour, and listening to what is being communicated to us. Cultural differences is not only exceptional to where a person is from but how others understand us. In order for others to understand us, we have to be mindful of how we describe the information we want to divulge.

Communication is a two way street. It is not a street with one way traffic. One way traffic confuses both the pedestrians and the drivers.

Mila DeChant

Effective communication is not about speaking or writing English effectively. Effective communication is the ability to connect with another human to share and receive information in a way our relationship with that person is strengthened. The 3 prong method to establishing effective communication:

  1. Ability to practise mindful listening
    • Communication is all about listening and mindful listening at that. When we are able to practise mindful listening, we become phenomenal communicators. Listening allows us to hear with the person who is expressing. When we hear with others, we are understanding their perspective and their stance.
  2. Ability to speak with others as opposed to speaking to or speaking at others
    • Speaking with someone allows us to connect with them at a deeper and personal level. Speaking with someone is synonymous to walking with someone along side with them as opposed to walking in front of them or behind them. When we speak with a person, we are connecting with them at a human level.
  3. Ability to disseminate information in its simplest form
    • Our ability to disseminate information at its simplest form is crucial. Simplest form encompasses of our ability to connect with others at a human level, at an emotional level, and at a level where we are consistently listening to them. When we listen with
       and speak with, sharing with becomes natural.