Dr. Courtney McCashland’s Masterclass in Exceptional Business Entrepreneurs and High-Performing Leaders

Acquiring and retaining talent is crucial for the survival of any business. If the core focus is on technology without clear insights about talent, the company will ultimately suffer as a result. To scale your business and ensure sustainable growth, incorporating sales talent data into your tech stack is fundamental to success. Keeping up-to-date with the ever-evolving computing technology, Dr. Courtney McCashland created AuctusIQ, a talent measurement platform that links the talent profile into every stage of an employee’s lifecycle at the organization. AuctusIQ uncovers the critical talents and competencies individuals need to succeed and links their success profile directly into how they perform in their daily work. For sales organizations, the Talent Profile is readily available to activate what the seller needs to do at every stage of a deal pursuit with a customer. The platform is the first of its kind to link Talent through Technology into daily high-value activities to accelerate business growth.

Dr. Courtney is the Chief of Science and Strategy at AuctusIQ, with over a decade of experience as a sales expert. In addition, she has successfully founded, grown, and sold seven businesses along the way. While building these businesses, she has accumulated a stack of knowledge and expertise. With a desire to provide a top-notch platform for companies to measure their salesforce performance, she partnered with Troy Kanter and co-founded AuctusIQ: A global growth intelligence platform.

Auctus is the Latin word for growth. AuctusIQ means smart growth, which is the core mission of the platform. Its objective is to hire, train, and retain salespeople so companies can see sustainable growth.

A deep dive into sale technology revealed an abundance of software solutions apply predictive models to customer data, but none do the same to leverage artificial intelligence with employee data.  Companies invest their resources in a tech stack that neglects talent data to accelerate sales performance. While the customer is important, most companies are missing metrics to understand the other half of the equation in a complex sale: the sales professional with their best path to get the deal done.

With experience working to solve this problem years ago with Accenture, Courtney realized that AuctusIQ had a distinct advantage. Because of the hundreds of studies the research team has conducted with sales organizations, AuctusIQ can provide the AI analytics to capture what each seller needs to do next move a pursuit to close. The AuctusIQ analytics reveal which sellers are most likely to succeed, what competency gaps each seller needs to develop to reach potential, and what each seller needs to do in the context of an opportunity with a client to accelerate velocity to close.

This transformative power of AI applied to the sales organization is unparalleled. Leveraging the best of your human capital to deliver consistent sustained growth will change the game for any company with a sales organization. The AuctusIQ approach brings new clarity to businesses on how to leverage the natural talents of each player on the team and how to train to competency gaps impeding performance. The salesforce talent analytics are a clear competitive advantage to win in today’s complex, cut-throat sales climate.

If you want to know more about AucustIQ, its mission, and its work, feel free to visit its official website. You can talk with the specialist to remove any doubts and concerns. Innovating in talent acquisition, onboarding, deal coaching, and competency training will transform your business altogether.