Dmitry Dubrov: a photographer who creates with a soul

This article describes the activities and successes of a photographer from Russia – Dmitry Fox. At the moment, he is becoming famous all over the world, he photographs celebrities and collaborates with world brands.

Dmitry Dubrov was born in Novosibirsk, he was fond of music from childhood, but he was also interested in working with photography, he created posters for the rock band in which he played. For some time, he conducted client surveys and collaborated with companies and brands. This job was interesting to him, but he wanted something completely different.


As he is such a single-minded, ambitious person, he needed more that moment. Dmitry wanted to be a Creator and reproduce exactly his own vision, not the wishes and instructions of customers, develop a personal brand and get real satisfaction from what he does. The moment when Dmitry felt that he could no longer stay in his city coincided to change his life. Then a new stage in life began.

Despite a difficult period that lasted 3 years, Dmitry managed to work on himself, gain zeal and start working hard. He went to work in Dubai and found inspiration while working on a new project. After sharing the results of the shooting, the Moscow audience immediately reacted positively and began distributing Dmitry’s work on the Internet. This gave him the opportunity to start receiving a huge number of offers and work and collaboration in Moscow.

At one point, Dmitry decided that he wanted not only to develop independently in the photo industry, but also to help others make their dreams come true. This is why he started promoting his workshops and courses, and founded the training platform Skills 4, which allowed him to further advance on the career ladder, as at the moment more than four thousand people have studied on the platform.

All the efforts and desires to achieve their goals have led Dmitry to the fact that now he is working with the most popular media personalities and models in Russia. He worked in Spain, Italy, France, The United Arab Emirates, and the Dominican Republic. Moreover, he founded Dmitry receives awards and prizes in photography. What sets Dmitry apart from other photographers is that he lives, feels and passes through every shot. Every frame is important to him, because the whole process is not just a job for him, but a process for the soul. This approach made it possible for Dmitry to come to what he has now.