Digital Content Marketing Is Taking Over; Kaizen Sigma Helps a Local Restaurant Get 4000% + Return on Its Investment

Kaizen Sigma LLC is a digital marketing company in Los Angeles, California. Its founder and C.E.O, Voltaire Francisco Pabustan, is a registered nurse and a theatre arts graduate. He discovered his passion for marketing while in nursing school. It was in nursing school where he first implemented skills he had learned in theatre and established a club that brought the students together for fun. Getting people to be a part of the club was his first experience in “marketing” without really knowing what marketing was. It was a grassroots marketing campaign: the old school way of handing out flyers & generating interest through live events. It was the first club of its kind on the school campus and it still is active to this day. Voltaire took his marketing skills to another level by running advertising and social media campaigns for his father’s pediatric clinic. It drove more patients to the clinic, something that made other clinics in the region request for his services.

It was through his successful advertising of the local clinics that Kaizen Sigma LLC was born. Given that his father owned a local business, Voltaire had a desire to promote more local small to medium businesses and grow their revenues through digital marketing. He has a desire to enlighten the public on the need and importance of digital marketing and provide them with evidence that marketing does, indeed, work. Voltaire built relationships with and hired some of the best individuals in the digital marketing field, experts in their respective niches, to create the staff roster for Kaizen Sigma. Kaizen Sigma’s mission is to provide small and medium businesses the same all-inclusive marketing strategy and service that is usually only accessible to large corporate agencies with clients who have unlimited budgets. Voltaire and his team pride themselves on delivering the same level of service and results as a large agency, but with the personal attention and established relationship of a smaller, boutique agency.

Kaizen Sigma has been able to offer various digital marketing strategies to its clients, among them being content marketing, social media marketing, successful advertising campaigns, and video production and imagery. Kaizen Sigma has worked with various companies over time and managed to earn them incredible returns on their investments. It was recently able to partner with a local Mexican restaurant in Texas and help them with digital marketing. The restaurant had a target of 100,000 impressions (number of times an ad is seen), but the campaign surpassed the goal by producing 157,000 impressions. The campaign’s objective was to promote the restaurant’s $8 lunch meal. The success gave the restaurant a 4,381% return on investment!

The digital marketing campaign for the Café involved four significant strategies that led to its success. Among them are:

Google Adwords campaign with programmatic bidding

Using Google Adwords with programmatic bidding ensured that Café Mexicana* is exposed to a highly targeted audience of people who have indicated purchase intent by searching for local keywords related to the business (for example: “local Mexican restaurant near me” or “best Mexican food for lunch”). Programmatic bidding ensures that the budget is spent in the most effective way possible.

Location Extensions helped consumers find Café Mexicana when they were searching on any of their mobile devices. When consumers were nearby the physical location of the business, Café Mexicana appeared at the top of the search results to make it easy for people to find their way to it with a map, address or distance to the business.

Custom Mobile-optimized Landing Page

Armed with the logo and promotional picture provided by Café Mexicana, the Kaizen Sigma designed a custom landing page to encourage people to view lunch specials, engage more deeply with the business, and through increased engagement and interest, drive a visit. The landing page included custom engaging text, personal testimonials, and a call-to-action to encourage consumers to view the new lunch specials and drive users to come dine. This mobile-optimized landing page would drive restaurant visits and boost conversion rates for the restaurant.

Programmatic Display Ads with Geo-Fencing and Conversion Zone and Facebook Ad Campaigns

Programmatic bidding ensures that the budget is spent in the most effective way possible. By geofencing competitive businesses and restaurants in the area, Voltaire Pabustan and his team were able to target ads directly to people who were highly likely to be interested in Café Mexicana. By using geo-fenced “conversion zones”, the team was allowed to track when an ad was served to someone, which caused a visit to the restaurant, thus proving real-world performance.

Review & Location Extensions

Review extensions allowed Café Mexicana to include third-party reviews in their search ads, promoting the good things that customers had to say directly on the search results page of Google. By adding star ratings to search ads, the Café Mexicana ads stood out from the competition and greatly increased click-throughs.

From the four tactics used by Kaizen Sigma’s digital marketing team, they were able to produce results that surpassed their client’s expectations. Voltaire’s desire to present real and measurable results to Kaizen Sigma’s clients serves as a motivation for the company’s success. Voltaire continues to say that marketing without proper strategies will never yield any progress and creates a stigma that marketing agencies “don’t work”. With the current growth rate of Kaizen Sigma LLC, it is predictable that Kazen Sigma LLC will be a globally recognized digital marketing agency in years to come. Seeing small to medium sized businesses thrive and withstand competition from the Amazons, Starbucks, and Walmarts of the world by being equipped with the digital tools and knowledge to succeed? Well, it would be Voltaire’s dream come true.

*Restaurant name changed to maintain client privacy