protection of your premises, goods and professional equipment, obtaining guarantees in
Civil Liability in the event of damage caused to a customer or a supplier, etc.

The company is not immune to the risks of bankruptcy. It is important to find the right coverage for each risk facing the company. The fact that a company will be exposed to several categories of risk encourages insurance companies to offer their client-entrepreneurs business insurance adapted to guarantees suitable for different situations.

It is possible to take out insurance to cover risks relating to the managers and employees of the firm. An insurance company is often seen as a significant cost to business creation. This is why many entrepreneurs start their activity without taking out insurance. Insurance also offers contracts to insure the key man of the company, the company, the vehicles of the company. To better understand the different categories of business insurance, let’s take a closer look at the ranges of guarantee contracts available on the market.

Keyman insurance is one of the 3 categories of insurance contracts covering company directors and staff. This type of coverage takes care of the unavailability or disappearance of a person essential to the company. Keyman insurance covers a person on whom the company’s activity is based and whose absence risks endangering the proper functioning of the company. Complementary company health insurance covers health problems that are not covered by compulsory health insurance. The manager’s unemployment insurance is a type of guarantee which intervenes in the event of loss of employment, liquidation or cessation of activity of the company.

There are two types of company insurance relating to vehicles. Professional auto insurance covers as a risk the reimbursement of damage caused by vehicles used by the company and covers accidents caused to third parties. As for transport insurance, this type of cover covers the transport of goods and people by air, road, rail, etc.

The contracts that cover companies are available in different versions. Professional multi-risk insurance is a formula that covers risks relating to the activities of the company, its equipment and its premises. With professional IT insurance, the insurance company covers damage to the computer equipment or computer files of the protected company. Financial protection covers claims that result in loss of income, loss of customers or turnover. Take out business credit insurance to cover loss of receivables if loans are granted to financial partners or customers.

To protect a company from the cessation of its activity caused by a disaster, it is necessary to take out operating loss insurance. With corporate civil liability, the company is financially protected in the event of damage to third parties occurring to the company, the use of company equipment, personnel or during and after the provision of services. If the subscription of a financial guarantee is a valid pecuniary commitment with economic partners, that of professional legal protection makes it possible to cover disputes with third parties.