Dance to the Tune of Success: Get to Know World-Class Dancing Virtuoso and Educator Dr. David Outevsky

For those truly devoted to the art form, dance becomes more than a hobby—it becomes an extraordinary expression of passion, igniting creativity and fueling determination. World-renowned dancer and educator Dr. David Outevsky is one such individual who has devoted his entire life to the practice of dance.

Dr. David has extensive experience in the dance industry. With numerous accolades to his credit, he has established himself as the foremost expert in dance education. Outevsky’s exceptional contributions as an organizer and trainer at DWM (Dance With Me) have been recognized through prestigious awards such as the Top Teacher Award, Top Studio Award, and Top Showcase Award.

Dr. David Outevsky’s expertise extends to multiple dance styles, including Ballroom/Latin, Contemporary, and Theatre Arts. He has channeled his knowledge into creating Outevsky Bespoke Dance Education, an online platform that offers comprehensive dance classes for teachers and students.

In an exclusive interview, we delve deep into the life of this accomplished dancer, exploring his journey, accomplishments, and insights on dance education.

Q: Hi David, Thanks for joining us. Please tell us about the beginning of your interest in dance and how it has developed over the years.


David: Hi, thank you for having me. I’m from St. Petersburg, Russia, the cultural center of the nation, where I developed a deep love for the classical arts like ballet, opera, and painting. In the early 90s, my family had to move to Israel due to the collapse of the USSR to find a better economic situation. This is where I started dancing ballroom under the tutelage of a Soviet immigrant teacher. Then we moved to Montreal, Canada, where I elevated my dancing journey to a competitive and pro level.

Q: Wow, that’s truly impressive. Your expertise is quite unique – how did you manage to acquire such a wide range of knowledge?

David: (Smiles) Thank you. Well, some people take dancing as a hobby; for me, it’s a way of life, so I kept exploring it in different ways and still do it. After appearing and participating in competitions, I decided to take this passion to another level. I pursued a Master’s in Dance Science at the prestigious Trinity Laban Conservatory of Music and Dance in London. I was among the first to study the science of ballroom dancing and write scholarly articles about DanceSport and its community. After completing my degree, I was accepted for a fellowship at York University in Canada to do a Ph.D. in Dance Studies.

Q: Amazing! We are eager to know what events or factors shaped you as an accomplished dancer.

David: Oooh, that’s a tough one (laughs). I believe it was due to my intense love of the art form and, of course, the many hours of practice and dedication I have put into it. During my career, I have competed in many competitions and made it to the finals of several international open Latin championships in Europe as well as the Canadian Closed National Championships, which brought me international acclaim. I also performed as a state-legislated artist in a number of nations, including Austria, the United Kingdom, and Canada. So I guess all these experiences have molded me into the artist I am today.

Q: What about your journey as a teacher and an artist—when did it start?

David: Oh well, it goes back many years. At age 21, I began my career as a teacher. Later, I started working with a top studio in London that was being run by a former champion and “Strictly Come Dancing” star, Paul Killick. There I taught celebrities such as Mary Elisabeth Master-Antonio, and Dannii Minogue. Besides this, I trained dancers at numerous universities, such as the University of Calgary and York University in Toronto. Also, I worked with one of the top studios in USA, Dance With Me, as a Dance Development Organizer.

Q: Tell us something about your venture, “Outevsky – Bespoke Dance Education” – Where did you get the inspiration to start, and what makes it stand out?

David: Well, after several years of teaching in various dance studios and universities, I was keen to create my own venture. Outevsky is a multidisciplinary platform for bespoke dance education that teaches more than just dance. What makes us different is our all-encompassing courses for dancers and non-dancers equally. Our course includes somatic movement education and research-based strategies for body conditioning, wellness, and recovery. At Outevsky, I’m a bridge between practitioners and theoreticians. Not many people, to my knowledge, become experts in all of these areas simultaneously.


Q: What are your future ambitions and goals?

David: My ultimate goal is to expand our services to reach more people who have an unquenchable thirst for dance education around the world.

Thank you so much, David. It was a delight to learn about you.

Dr. David Outevsky’s extensive training and performance history have made him one of the world’s most adaptable dancers. He is a world-class educator as well as a dance virtuoso, which we are now fortunate to have at our service.

For more information, visit Outevsky or follow David on LinkedIn or Instagram.

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