Young Digital Marketing Expert Built The Leading Website Design Company In Ireland

In the last ten years, the world saw the rise of new digital platforms that reshaped marketing and advertising. Social media played a significant role in advertising and marketing in this new digital age. As a result, a new kind of marketing has emerged—digital marketing. Entrepreneurs and marketers are using traditional marketing sparingly as they shift towards more and more digital marketing to increase their online profile.

Today, if entrepreneurs want to scale up their business and increase brand awareness, they must adapt to the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing. It is no longer a question of whether to embrace digital marketing or not. It has simply become a necessity for entrepreneurs.

Craig Murray who is regarded as one of Europe’s top digital marketers agreed that digital marketing had altered the business landscape, changing the way people market and promote their products to consumers. Craig is a young and highly motivated digital marketing expert who is currently on the road to dominating the digital marketing space in Ireland and across Europe.

Getting To Know Craig Murray 

Murray is a seasoned digital marketer with more than a decade of experience undertaking online work. He specializes in the areas of pay per click, search engine optimization (SEO), Google analytics, web design, and internet marketing. Craig has worked for and is partnered with some of the big names in the tech industry, including Google, Microsoft, Europcar, and Game On Media.

“I started my journey in digital marketing building websites for small and medium-sized enterprises. Aside from that, I also perform SEO for a handful of companies. Starting out I implemented Google AdWords campaigns for a company that looked after non-profits and progressed into taking on more and more of companies’ online needs. Since then and until now, I enjoy conducting SEO and digital marketing campaigns for my clients. I love results and so do my clients!” Craig narrated. Craig said that he had been doing internet and digital marketing for at least ten years. Many don’t believe him when he says he started at 14 years of age so, at nearly 30, he had been online marketing for nearly 16 years. He added that in over a decade, he had witnessed the growth of the web and digital marketing and how it altered the business landscape. “I have been doing this for a very long time. So many changes have happened in the last 16 or so years. The digital marketing space continues to evolve every day, and with that, I must keep upskilling in order to meet the needs of my clients” he continued.

The field of digital marketing is continuously changing. That is why Craig is persistently educating himself on the latest developments in digital marketing to maintain his competitive edge. “I never stop learning new things about my field. I follow the top guys in digital marketing to enhance my skills to achieve great things. I always say to learn is to earn and I will never think that I am the best at everything. There is always room to progress and appreciating that some people are better than you in some areas is key as you will listen and learn from them.” Craig explained. Over the years, he managed to earn numerous digital marketing certificates, Hubspot’s Inbound Certification, and Google partnership. In 2016, Craig started what has now become a highly established web design agency in Ireland and is on course to grow to new heights that he had never imagined.

Fastest Growing Digital Marketing Agency In Ireland

Craig started Craig Murray Digital, which caters to small and medium-sized enterprises. “It is my goal to provide affordable digital marketing solutions to small businesses and help them get online. As we all know, if businesses want to scale up, building an online presence is inevitable. Unfortunately, not all agencies are on the same page with their clients and do not deliver the results necessary to succeed.” Craig said.

Craig is using all the skills and knowledge that he acquired since he started his digital marketing journey to help others achieve the same results. As a result, he is providing unparalleled digital marketing solutions to his clients. Craig has developed over 1,000 websites for Irish businesses and managed more than 500 Google AdWords accounts for companies. Craig’s company also earned recognition as the leading website design company in Ireland and its founder is being considered as one of the top digital marketers in Europe if not the world. It is an incredible feat considering that Craig Murray Digital is only three years old. However, Craig will remind you that there is 16 years behind this machine and success and that it was not overnight!

Unrivaled Website Design

Craig said that the key to his growth was that they provide the most affordable website design for small businesses across Ireland. “The package that we offer is of great value at a competitive price. Our package, by far, is less expensive than what is being offered by competitors. Add to this the experience I bring to the table to grow the website and optimize it afterwards. We cannot be matched.” Craig added.

Craig explained that they not only build a professional website for their clients, but they design a website that will help their business grow and achieve online success. By having a professional website and complimenting this with a custom online strategy to generate leads and new business. Craig said that they don’t use a “one size fits all approach” and that they collaborate with their clients to map out their ideal customer persona and goals online, which is the crucial ingredient in why they have successful website projects. Their website projects revolve around five key elements: requirement, investment, goals, content, and communication.

In such a short period, Craig’s agency has altered Ireland’s web design market and completely dominated it. As well as this he feels he has completely changed the game for all companies looking to get online and do so affordably. He believes he has opened clients’ eyes to what’s possible and that not all companies have their best interest at hand and just see the money. A good understanding of what can really be achieved and at what prices are key. It is astounding that in just a little over three years, Craig has established the best website design company in Ireland. He owes his success to the unmatched quality of their work that exceeds the expectations of its clients.

His clients are so satisfied that they never hesitate to recommend Craig for the website design needs of their friends and fellow business owners.  One happy client described Craig as willing to deliver on precisely what he needs at a reasonable price. He also praised the excellent support service and online tutorials that Craig provided to help maintain his web page after finishing the project. It is without question that Craig treats each client as a friend and takes pride in their business long after he develops their website, so they do not just become another number.

Final Thoughts

Craig has helped transform many small businesses by making accessible and affordable digital marketing tools vital to growing their business and finding new customers. “I want to lend a helping hand to small businesses to achieve their online goals. Helping them go online allows them to find new customers since digital platforms have a broader market reach than traditional ones,” Craig said. He added that it never crossed his mind that he will be this successful early on. “Seeing thousands of small businesses grow is probably my greatest reward as a digital marketer,” he continued.  It helps to be able to work from anywhere to and with the current climate worldwide, more and more people will look to migrate online and I will be there to give a helping hand!

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