Cody Kerns on How He Gets You in Front of Your Target Demographic

Cody Kerns is a 21-year-old entrepreneur who is best known as the founder and CEO of iComeUp Marketing. In 2015, Cody started a marketing agency because he saw how businesses were losing money every day with their Instagram strategy. Inspired to change how brands were marketing themselves on Instagram, he started his agency and since then scaled it to over $7 million in sales, and has even now partnered with Cardone Ventures. 

The Process

Cody And his team have spent the past five years building effective brands on Instagram. They’ve outlined a process that will not only create a foundation for a winning marketing campaign, but also increase your online exposure, generate leads, and build an overall effective brand on Instagram. 


Cody’s team will implement strategies to build authority within your brand’s niche, and by allowing yourself to be seen as a more prominent authority, you can expect to increase conversions, grow your influence, and find more prospects coming to you. In the past, they’ve used geo-targeted strategies, so even if your online brand does better as a brick and mortar location, they can still generate attractive exposure for any business on Instagram.  

Utilize Instagram Marketing

Over the last five years, Cody and his team have helped over 4000+ businesses perfect their Instagram marketing strategy, including a few prominent individuals such as Elena Cardone, Ryan Tseko, and much more. When asked why people buy his services, Cody promptly responded with the amount of trial and error his team saves a business owner. As a business owner, your most valuable asset is time, so with that in mind, Cody firmly believes by helping brands; they are opening up more time to do what they do best. 

It’s to no surprise that if your business isn’t creating the digital footprint, it needs to be seen as the authority, you’re losing to brands that are. So if you plan on establishing a dominating brand online, its best to leave it to the experts instead of wasting your time trying to figure every step out. The same way we outsource our simple tasks to systemize a  business is the same way you can systemize Instagram as a traction channel for your business with iComeup Marketing


Sergio Centeno

Sergio Centeno is the founder of Influencer Clout, he is a Digital Marketer that has worked with clients such as Jason Capital, Ryall Graber, Bedros Keuilian, Sharran Srivatsaa, and much more. He is a Public Relations & Personal Branding expert that helps entrepreneurs and influencers build ‘Authority Brands’ using online growth tactics such as creating massive brand awareness and credibility with strategic media placement and features on prestigious publications.

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