Chubbs Wilson On Scaling Brands In 30 Days

Chubbs Wilson has been scaling online companies since 2012, and he has created tremendous growth for his clients. Chubbs Wilson has mastered the e-commerce business model and his network includes: celebrities, marketing agencies, and Facebook ad gurus. His expansive network and experience has given him the ability to grow any online company, regardless of its size and/or the market it takes part in.

If this is the first time you are hearing about Chubbs Wilson, you might ask; who Is Chubbs Wilson? As mentioned earlier, Chubbs Wilson has been scaling online companies since 2012. He is innovative and has insight into changing market dynamics so he can help his clients pivot in a timely manner to grow their business and to avoid the pitfalls of becoming obsolete. He has a tremendous verifiable track record that yields results. One example of him helping companies to pivot based on the metrics he analyzed that Google search engine optimization (SEO), forum discussion practices to increase google rankings and paying ad placements on blogs would have a reduced impact, especially with generations such as millennials. Chubbs observed data that illustrated a trend that people were spending more time on social media and people used 6 social network apps. The data also highlighted the demographics on these apps. For example, very young people used Tik Tok, and Snap Chat. 20-30-year-olds preferred Instagram and Twitter. 40+ preferred Facebook and everyone enjoyed using YouTube. By understanding the demographics of each platform, Chubbs Wilson mastered driving traffic for his clients based on their target audience.


Chubbs Wilson is considered by his peers as one of the most innovative marketing experts in the digital world. Not only does he help increase sales and increase social media followers for his clients, he helps increase a company’s digital visibility. Chubbs has helped clean up several brands’ digital reputations that were damaged and helped improve their Google and Yelp reviews to stand out from their competitors. However, this requires his clients to take constructive feedback to improve and use the information they gathered to create a roadmap for improvement for the brand. Chubbs Wilson’s enormous network of celebrities is one way for brands to build trust and credibility with audiences in a brief time period. However, as mentioned earlier, it requires brands to act ethically because celebrities put their credibility on the line when endorsing brands.

One of Chubbs Wilson’s specialties is that he has styled many artists and worked with various recording labels on creating brand images for artists. Not to mention Chubbs Wilson has experience in graphic design and made logos for several companies and artists. Chubbs Wilson understands that packaging and branding is very important. Especially a logo that can either be printed on Billboards, Magazines, and clothes to make revenue.


Chubbs Wilson expanded his international network in 2020 to build an international presence. His expansion included brands in Australia, Italy, and Spain. He is continuing to monitor market trends in various countries so that he can help his clients grow. It is anticipated that Chubbs Wilson use of data, understanding of technology & evolving business models and insights from around the world will help his clients remain relevant. He also has a trusted group of global advisers with over 15+ years of business development and marketing strategies to provide him guidance on a regular basis.

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