Chisciotte from The House of Awad, A Scented Success Story An Insight of Awwad e.awwad Entrepreneurial Journey

In the fashion industry, numerous brands came, lived their short and foresighted lives, and eventually vanished away because they were not able to withstand the pace of the market and keep up with the consumers’ expectations. Not only the mere survival in this industry is too difficult but to penetrate it as a newbie is also not an easy task. Chisciotte from the House of Awad has been quite a renowned brand now in the cologne and perfume industry over the last decade. You may have heard of this new yet competitive brand if you live in Turkey, Lebanon, Dubai, or even Qatar. The success of this brand is compelling more and more users to try its products. Unique yet exquisite, the perfumes turn the game up a notch in the exotic toiletries section. Pure ingredients, qualified experts, and new combinations are all what make Chisciotte a non-cliched success story.

Awwad e.awwad, a young entrepreneur from Israel, always wanted to excel in the field of fashion and design. Like I said earlier, merely penetrating this market was not easy, hence he opted for a non-conventional way to make his debut. Unlike most of the designers and entrepreneurs who make their debut from their clothing lines, Awad decided to enter by presenting the world with his innovative colognes and perfumes. Being fond of exotic fragrances and scents himself, he pretty much knew what the consumer wants. He simply stood against the idea of extravagance and made luxury associated with comfort. This simplicity can be easily felt by visiting one of Chisciotte’s outlets. Despite being minimalistic, each perfume in the collection tells a whole new story without being too flashy.

Keeping all the products gender-neutral can also be attributed as the main cause of such high sales numbers in the past recent years. Moreover, as the perfumes are already pretty mild, they are also less prone to causing any allergies. Competing with the internationally established brands, Chisciotte has won several awards and shows under the leadership of Awad. One such example is the recent Fashion Show in Dubai, where the brand was particularly appreciated. The band stole the show owing to its simplistic and minimalistic approach.

Having little to no exposure to the industry at the time, Awad decided to have Economics and Business Management as his majors in university since he always wanted to be a businessman. Later this decision of him came quite handy when he laid the foundation of House of Awad, as he utilized most of the skills he learned from the university in his newly established business. The young entrepreneur is not stopping here as he plans to launch his leather goods in the market by 2021 and aims to level up the game by letting the world see his goggles and shades designs by 2022. His philosophy of being simple and classy is also coming quite handy as most of his unreleased designs are already getting quite a lot of appreciation from the connoisseurs as well as the masses.

Understanding the need of the customer is the crux of the fashion industry, according to Awad. People do not wear colognes or perfumes just to smell good, they use them as their signature, a sign of their presence. Hence the element of uniqueness must be preserved in every article released by Chisciotte. To do so, he decided the brand to be an artistic fusion of east and west, hence the name Chisciotte, literally meaning a path connecting east and west. Chisciotte is also in the process of launching its products in the western markets formally although the consumers already have full access to the whole collection via the online store.