CEO and Founder of Lumisque Skincare Lana Kerr Explain Why CO2liftv Is the Best Option for Vaginal Rejuvenation

Finding the best products for your skin type and body can be challenging in this beauty and skincare era. Since it is a saturated market, many people try to sell ready-made formulas by having them endorsed by a celebrity. Between all the glitz and glamor, the true essence of skincare is lost in the battle between brands. Lana Kerr, CEO and Founder of Lumisque Skincare, is here to share her groundbreaking invention to help women deal with their skin and body care issues.

Born in Washington DC and brought up in Jamaica, her parents were entrepreneurs who owned separate businesses. Her mom was a practicing dentist, whereas her father had a farm and provided milk and juices to the local supermarkets. Her parents being businesspeople made Lana very keen on owning her own brand one day. She started dabbling in various ventures at a young age, like selling buns, making a pig farm, and opening weight loss centers.

She started her business Lumisque Skincare after she had plenty of experience running small businesses and a well-established weight loss center with her husband. She helped thousands of people with their weight loss journey and assisted celebrity clients like Beverly Johnson. She has always been fascinated and interested in the wellness business and studied nutrition before starting her weight loss business with her husband. Similarly, with Lumisque Skincare, Lana wanted a solution for aging skin, she discovered topical carboxytherapy and brought it to the market.  She eventually used the technology to create the first gel carboxy for vulva/vaginal rejuvenation.

CO2LiftV is the answer to all the problems females face while aging and going through different phases of life. It can help with vaginal rejuvenation for women after childbirth, chemotherapy, menopause, and aging. Lana was concerned about the skin care industry not taking the necessary step to address the skin between a woman’s legs. Lana, brilliant in business, found this opportunity and jumped on the chance to help women take control of their sexual and vaginal well-being.

This CO2LiftV treatment can help women feel more pleasure during sexual intercourse, pigmentation around the vaginal area, and overall improve the health of the vagina. There are many other treatments for vaginal rejuvenation, but all of them require painful procedures and invasive techniques and cost a lot. CO2LiftV aims to give control to women and help them maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle.

With CO2LiftV, women can get all the benefits with no side effects. It is so simple that CO2LiftV can be used from the comfort of your home. Lana always wanted to create something to help women take control of their lives that was safe and effective.

To learn more about Lana and CO2LiftV, visit their website Lumisque Skincare.