Cayleigh Couch Shares Her Journey of Success and What It Did Cost

The weight of the family, job, mental and emotional hardships are the true tests of one’s strength. However, popular content creator and social media influencer Cayleigh Couch is winning hearts and unlocking milestones with her trailblazing career.

We often overlook health and mental health, as we don’t take them as seriously. The hustle and bustle to succeed while rising above adversity often comes at the expense of our peace and much-needed comfort.

Cayleigh is on a mission to make people love themselves and embrace their struggles.

Her primary objective behind founding “Withstand the Weight” was fueled by her decision to finally get serious with her fitness journey and weight loss.


What just started as a social media handle in 2014 is now a part of Cayleigh’s identity as a successful influencer. Initially, she documented her journey by posting pictures and journal entries of her success, hardships, and failures.

Reminiscing about her journey, Cayleigh delved into details about her labor of love and shared, ”My goal was just to hold myself accountable and to be able to reference back to my past posts to get encouragement and motivation when I started to feel plateaued or stalled out. It was all mainly for me and if I helped others along the way then ‘cool beans’ for that too! I never imagined my accounts would have grown to where they are today.”

Over the years, Withstand the Weight transformed from being a username to her lifestyle motto. She realized that it isn’t the weight in the gym that’s challenging to juggle but also the weight of personal life that requires balance.

She learned that, just like in the gym, the workload isn’t always manageable. But the longer and more complex one works, the easier the weight gets to hold.  Today, Cayleigh has battled financial crises, the backlash of joining the adult industry, divorce,  becoming a real estate agent, and extreme online harassment to name a few.

Divorce is very challenging for women and can often lead to stress and hard times in the long run. It’s an issue that’s brushed under the rug but Cayleigh overcame her adversities and discovered incredible miracles hidden on the other side of seemingly grim situations.

The thriving Influencer and content creator is a superwoman who has been gracefully juggling her professional and personal life. Seeing the worst of things allowed her to love and appreciate life even more. It has also motivated her to work on herself and be a source of her inspiration.


Relatable in many ways, this is the inspiring story of Cayleigh’s passion, self-belief, big heart, and charming personality.  In the words of Cayleigh, ‘You have two choices: withstand or withdraw. Quitting isn’t an option for me.”