Capsule cars to avoid traffic jams!

The Chinese car manufacturer Changan is little known in France and yet… you have to remember its name. Indeed, the innovation pole of this company is very important, and the experts are currently imagining the vehicles of tomorrow… Among them is the capsule car which will allow you to arrive on time at work without setting your alarm clock!

A capsule car

Changan had an idea that wasn’t quite like the others. Indeed, it seems that workers are forced to get up earlier and earlier to avoid morning traffic jams and to arrive on time at their workplace. How about sleeping in your car? Imagine the era of autonomous cars…

Indeed, Changan seems convinced that the future lies in autonomous cars. The latter will be equipped with artificial intelligence that will enable them to predict the route ahead and thus avoid traffic jams. To avoid wasting time, these cars will be capsules that allow people to sleep indoors.

Artificial intelligence

Changan capsule cars will take into account traffic and weather data to ensure that the user arrives at the desired time at the meeting or work location. But he won’t have to do anything! As for the design, it is truly futuristic. Everything is controlled by voice, and the person sleeping inside is also monitored for heart rate or sleep quality.

So it’s not quite a car anymore! In fact, the images of the interior layout look more like a living room than a car. This vehicle

is illusory at the moment, but… after all, why not! Changan presented this project officially and with great seriousness. Who knows, maybe one day we will have the chance to discover this type of vehicle?