Byron Rodgers Emphasizes the Art of Protection and How It Is Significant for the Society

In today’s perilous times, where no one is entirely safe, protecting oneself should be an utmost priority. Learning to defend yourself and the people around you from harm is crucial to staying secure. Byron Rodgers, a protector by nature and trade, strongly emphasizes why protection is one of the most essential skills everyone should learn.

Many may think they do not need protection, but Rodgers compares protection with insurance. You only realize the importance of insurance once the hour of need falls upon you, same is the case with protecting assets and or capabilities. Hence, you should be trained to face adversity, shielding yourself from risks and harm. According to Rodgers, protection is an art that reaps fruitful benefits, and society is bound to thrive more as the number of protectors increases.

Rodgers also realizes the privilege that is associated with the protection he provides to VIP families and CEOs. Even though everyone must know how to keep themselves safe, the weak and innocent depend on others for their safety and security. This is why Rodgers became an executive protection specialist, revolutionizing the protection security industry. His multiple protection enterprises work toward making the world more secure by training individuals to step into the protection realm and make successful careers in private security or in their everyday lives.

“Protectors are the white blood cells in the body of humanity,” states Rodgers.  

Despite the conventional belief that security and protection mean strength and violence, keeping yourself and your surroundings safe has more to do with soft skills such as thinking ahead, situational awareness, tacitly positioning yourself in your environment behavioral profiling, etc. For this reason, Rodgers founded The League of Protection Specialists: to teach people soft skills besides polishing their physical potency. In addition, Rodgers states that anyone can become a protector, from civilians and veterans to prior law enforcement professionals; that’s why he has made tools and modules available online for people to learn everything about protection from the comfort of their homes.

Rodgers’ ultimate goal is to empower as many people as possible to become protection specialists, so they can make a difference in the world while also experiencing one of the fastest-growing industries on the planet. 

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