Byron Johnson – Five Tips for New Business Owners

This pandemic resulted in the closure of multi-million companies and displaced thousands of employees all throughout the world. People turned to what they think is the smartest way to put food on the table – opening their own businesses.

“Not everyone is a natural-born entrepreneur, but everyone can work hard to be a business owner. Passion and hard work are the perfect ingredients to create a successful business venture.” – Byron Johnson

If you are new to the playing field, these tips will help you build the business of your dreams because I followed these when I built mine:

Be The Man With A Plan

Byron Johnson started from nothing but that did not stop him from achieving something. Launching your business is one thing, but running the day-to-day operations is another story. Starting a business is not easy. You have to go through a tedious and delicate process. It begins with in-depth market research, knowing the legalities, making sure that the finances are enough to keep it running and pulling off every step in a cautious way.

Do Your Thing

Focus on the niche that you believe in and when you find it, run with it. Finding the right fit will keep the business afloat and thriving. “ It is better if you marry your passion with your business, doing what you love will make the tasks lighter and doable. We’ve been in the car insurance business for ten years, our family is about excellent customer service. This is what we’re good at, and this is what we believe in. “ – Byron Johnson

The Time to Give Up is Not Today

Failure is not the reason to stop instead use it as the push needed to keep going. Byron Johnson thinks that when he fails, he does not stop – Byron checks to see what is wrong and works until he gets it right. Byron Johnson hustled hard to be where he is right now and he does not have any plans to stop. Incurring losses is part of the venture but giving up now would mean more catastrophe in the future.

Know When To Reach Out

Having a support system is an amazing way to keep your business adrift. Byron Johnson does not shy away from getting business consultants or mentors. There are people who will help keep your priorities straight. Byron knows that his family and friends are behind him all the time.

Being an Entrepreneur is a 24/7 job

Work does not stop after you launch your business. It’s a never-ending process. You do not stop when the empire is built – the work will keep piling all the time. This might take a toll on you, but when you love what you do, you just keep going.

Byron Johnson is a young entrepreneur who encountered the same struggle starting his own business. He knows every corner of the industry regardless of the kind of product or service offered. His experience and strong determination to succeed made him one of the reputable businessmen of this generation. 

Byron Johnson owns multiple companies such as St ar Nsurance, and Embassy Construction and Remodeling just to name a few. 

If you are looking for the right person to guide you throughout your business venture, Byron Johnson is the man to be. Start creating smarter solutions and effective business schemes now. It will define the future of your business.

About Byron Johnson

Byron Johnson is a founder, entrepreneur, and CEO known for founding a number of businesses which include an insurance agency, construction and remodeling company while also investing in some commercial real estate. Since relocating to Tampa, FL in late 2007, Byron opened his first Liberty Tax Franchise in 2012, and in 2014, founded Star Nsurance, a respected Auto insurance company in the heart of Tampa servicing over 10,000 active customers. 

Byron Johnson also owns Embassy Construction and Remodeling, a top-notch contractor for home improvement and remodeling needs and is also an owner of a 50+ unit commercial property located in the up and coming Seminole Heights area close to downtown Tampa.

To give back, Byron Johnson has a popular YouTube channel where he shares free tips and valuable insurance info daily. You can find him under the name “Cheap Car Insurance Guru” YouTube channel. 

Byron Johnson also has a passion for playing poker. He has played poker competitively since his college days back in 2003. Recently, in February of 2020 he won a major WSOP event (World Series of Poker Event) bringing home a prestigious Gold WSOP championship ring. For more information on Byron Johnson, visit byron-johnson.com or follow him on social media.