Breaking Away from Self-Serving Business Models – How Dr. Natanya Wachtel is Redefining What ‘Giving Back’ Means

For decades, the business space has been clogged with grandstanding and fake altruism in the name of giving back to the community. Sadly, it is not so much to truly affect change in communities, as it is virtue signaling. Thus, as is often the case, little to no change has been observed in the quality of life among those given aid. This concerned the founder of the New Solutions Network (NSN), Dr. Natanya Wachtel, prompting her to revamp the structure of her company and this shift started a chain reaction of real betterment for all. 

In 2008, Dr. Wachtel founded the New Solutions Factory (NSF) – a specialized consulting consortium of behavioral science marketing and healthcare analytics experts. Her goal with NSF was to meet modern-day business challenges with cutting-edge technological solutions blended with customer-centric psychology. NSF eventually evolved into the New Solutions Network, with Dr. Wachtel working on redevelopment projects with industry giants like Sanofi, Novartis, Pfizer, and GSK. 


Throughout her time at NSN, Dr. Wachtel was passionate about creating long-term, sustainable change to promote a more egalitarian world. However, shortly before the COVID days, when Dr. Wachtel was dealing with significant health issues and personal loss. Taking a pause from work, she reflected on the company goals, and felt that she was not doing enough to help the ones in need, especially with youth mental wellness.

The pandemic only exacerbated this belief. This was when she started talking to like-minded individuals, including her close friends in the industry, to develop a different model for her company. Over time, she started getting young college aspirants help with college tuition and grants. She also founded evrmore, an empathy AI-powered wellness GPS platform for betterment and skill-building, built on game theory.

Over the years, Dr. Wachtel saw how slight nudges from trusted sources helped younger businesses take off and how small humanitarian projects yielded great results inside and beyond communities of all kinds. Eventually, instead of finding a better model, she decided the company was made to do precisely this – partner with other firms and companies to ensure a greater change from the grassroots levels. 


Today, the New Solutions Network has become an embodiment of that vision. They partner with companies committed to betterment of all kinds, and help and share equity, investment, revenue, and commercialization success.


The humanitarian focus of NSN is threefold: access to healthcare, access to food and nutrition, and access to education. The models for these are holistic, taking into account other factors that a superficial corporate model would not, like the effectiveness of healthcare options and wellness training. 


Dr. Wachtel’s hope is that through her work, she would help others and enable them to help themselves. She is a fervent believer in the power of reciprocity and determination, which have significantly aided her journey. To check out more about her work at NSN, you can visit the official website or visit her LinkedIn profile.

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